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family dollar match ups week of 1/29

palmolive:  .88    use .25 ss 1/29/12   = .63

tide: 5.00            buy 2  use 1.00/2  p&d 1/29  = 2/9.00

charmin basic;    5.00   buy 2   use .00/2  p&g 1/29    = 2/9.00

pringles:  1.50   buy 4  use 1.00/4 rp 1/29/12 = 4/5.00

irish spring deodorant:    3.00  use 1.00/1 ss 1/29/12 = 2.oo

qtips:  3.00   use .30/1  rp 1/29/12       = 2.70

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Are you a huge reader like I am ?  I love books and I do own a kindle but nothing beats opening a real book and emersing yourself in it.  Books can get expensive though!! If you would like to book swap, you can post in the comments here what books you are looking for and what books you have to offer.  U.S. only ( shipping to high out of country) .  If you use media mail to send to each other it is very cheap.

I have Stephen kings 11/22/63 in hard cover that I have finished.

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Nomorerack sign up contest

Have you joined nomorerack daily deal site yet? Why not, its free and the daily deals are awesome. Some days you can even score a freebie. I have gotten 3 pk bangle bracelets and earrings free.

If you have not signed up yet then this contest is for you! All you have to do is click the link and sign up ( its free) and confirm your account. once you sign up, leave a comment on this post that you did. You are automatically entered in the drawing for a prize.

This contest will last 4 weeks and a winner will be drawn every week so you have 4 chances to win. Starts today 1/30/12. First winner drawn Monday Feb 6, second drawn Feb 13, third drawn Feb 20, and 4th drawn Feb 27.

Week 1: Pink ( breast cancer awareness) candle scented in Wine cellar

Week 2: Dozen tealight candles in your choice of vanilla, cucumber melon or apple jack.

Week 3: green (luck o the irish ) candle scented in cucumber melon

Week 4: Dozen tealights in your choice of cinnamon, desert rain or odor eliminator ( cherry scent).

use this link to join  nomorerack

contest open to U.S. residents only (international shipping is too costly) 18 and over.
These prizes are offered  and made by me. all entries will be verified.

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Do you color your hair at home or in the salon?

I have been coloring my hair for over 20 years. In the beginning I would only go to the salon to have it done and let’s face it, it gets expensive.  Over the years I have found that coloring at home is not only less expensive but a lot more convenient!  I hate sitting in the salon for hours when I can do the same thing at home in 30 minutes and still be doing the housework I need to while I am waiting. I have gotten so good at dying my own hair, that I do my family members as well.  I just did highlights on my daughter.  Her hair is very long and the quote she got from a salon was 120.00.  I did it for 12.99.

I have experimented over the years with different colors and products.  My natural color is a brown with auburn tones in it.  As I have gotten older, unfortunately, I have gotten grayer and grayer.  I have been coloring my hair dark auburn now for over 10 years and get tons of compliments on it.  Just the other day, I was walking to my car in Walmart parking lot and a woman yells out to me, ” I love your color, what is it?”

My absolute favorite hair dye is John Frieda foam color.  It only comes in one shade of red which luckily is the one I love.  It is so much easier using this foam than traditional messy liquid dyes.  It stays put on the hair and does not ruin my clothes or towels.  My hair is what you would call a medium length ( about 2 inches below my shoulders) and this is more than enough to color my hair.  It cost about 10.00 and takes 25 minutes to set.  When I have gone to the salon in the past, I have not walked out spending less than 60.00 and an hour and a half of my day.  I color my hair every 5-6 weeks. That is 10 times a year. That means I would spend at least 600.00 a year on my hair and that’s not including cuts.  With doing it myself at home it costs about 100.00 a year.  Huge difference when you put it on paper isn’t it?  Imagine what you could do with that extra $500.00!!!

When you color at home, make sure you follow these few helpful hints.
1. Make sure whatever room you are in that you have some ventilation.  crack a window or put on the bathroom fan.
2. do not wash your hair for at least one day prior to coloring. ( the oil in your hair from not washing it makes for much better color.
3. completely comb out your hair getting rid of all tangles.  If you dont your color can come out uneven.
4. use the gloves you are given.  \
5. Start at the natural part in your hair and move backwards. this makes for more even color.  make sure you use a little extra on gray areas.
6. Do not start timing until your entire head is covered.
7. I keep an old comb under the sink in plastic just for coloring. after all the mixture is in your hair, you can comb it through some to make sure every area is covered.
8. when rinsing, make sure you see no color in the sink before adding the conditioner
9. after conditioning, I always blow dry my hair to check the color and to make sure I ave no wet spots before going to bed,.  some colors bleed on your linens if your hair is wet.
10. Have fun with it.  try new looks and colors.  Its fun to change things up!!

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Kmart match ups 1/29/12

NATURES MADE: vitamins and supplements  on sale b1g1 free
use 3.00/2 SS 1/29/12
final price will vary

PUREX CRYSTALS: onsale 2/8.00
use 1.50/2  from FB page ( if you got one)
final price: 2/ 6.50  or 3.75 each

FRITOS: on sale 2/5.00
use (2) 1.00/1 ( printable from online now unavailable, says walgreens but is a MC)
final price: 2/3.00 or 1.50 each

HEAD& SHOULDERS  on sale 5.99
use 1.00/2 P&G 1/29/12  5.99×2=11.98
final price 10.98 for 2  or 5.49 each

OLAY BODY WASH   onsale 2/7.00
use (2) 1.00/1 P&G 1/29/12
final price: 2/5.00  or 2.50 each

BOUNCE DRYER BAR: on sale 2 for 10.00
use (2)  1.50/1  from P&G 1/29/12
final price: 2/7.00 or 3.50 each   ( better deal at walgreens with coupons 2.99 each)

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Walgreens match ups week of 1/29/12

KEY: RP= red plum  SS = smart source  P&G= proctor and gamble  MC= manufacturers coupon RR= register rewards

EMERALD NUTS : on sale 2/$6
use instore coupon 1.00/2
use (2) 1.00 off 1  RP 1/29/12
Final price : 2 for 3.00   or 1.50 each

PLANTERS PEANUTS: on sale 2/6.00
use 1.00/2 instore coupon
use 1.50/2 SS 1/29/12
final price:  2/3.50 or 1.75 each

DIGIORNO PIZZA: on sale 2/10.00
use 2.00/2 RP 1/29/12
final price : 2/8.00  or 4.00 each

PRINGLES:  on sale 4/6.00
receive 2.00 register rewards
use 1.00/4 RP 1/29/12
final price 4/3.00  or ,75 each

BOUNCE DRYER BAR:  on sale 4.49
use 1.50/1  P&G 1/29/12
final price : 2.99

receive 4.00 RR
use 2.00/1 SS 1/29/12
final price : 1.99

PALMOLIVE: on sale with in ad coupon 1.29
use .25/1 SS 1/29/12
final price: 1.04

receive 4.00 RR
use (4) 1.00/1 SS1/29/12
final price : 4 for 4.00 or 1.00 each

SOFTSOAP BODYWASH: on sale 4/12.00
receive 4.00 RR
use (4) 1.00/1 SS 1/29/12
final price 4 for 4.00 or 1.00 each

OLAY BODY WASH:  B1g1 50% off
use (2) 1.00/1 P&G 1/29/12
final price : will vary

HEAD & SHOULDERS: on sale 2/9.00
receive 2.00 RR
use 1.00/2  P&G 1/29/12
final price : 2 for 6.00  or 3.00 each

with in ad coupon 2/4.00
use b1g1 free from SS 1/29/12
final price: 2/2.00 or 1.00 each

DOVE PRODUCTS: ( men care, body wash, deodorant) on sale 4/15.00
receive 5.00 RR
use (4) 1.00/1 MC RP 1/29/12
final price 4/6.00  or 1.50 each

EUCERIN LOTION: on sale b1g1 50% off
use (2) 1.00/1 MC from RP 1/29/12
final price will vary.

QTIPS : 2/6.00 with in ad coupon
use (2) .30/1 MC from RP 1/29/12
final price: 2/5.40  or 2.70 each

VICS NATURE FUSION: on sale 5.99
use 3.00/1 P&G 1/29/12
final price : 2.99

use 2.00/1 plus item SS 1/29/12
final price: 1.99

on sale b1g1 50% off
use (2) 1.00/1  RP 1/29/12
final price will vary

use 2.00/1 RP 1/29/12
final price 7.99

THERMACARE WRAPS: b1g1 50% off
use (2) 1.00/1 RP 1/29/12
final price will vary

METAMUCIL: on sale 2/24.99
receive 5.00 RR
use (2) 1.00/1 P&G
final price: 2/17.99

CENTRUM: b1g1 50% off
use (2) 1.00/1 RP 1/29/12
final price will vary

TUMS 60-150ct  3.99 with in ad coupon (limit3)
use 1.00/2 RP 1/29/12
final price for 2  : 6.98 for 2 or 3.49 each

NATURES MADE: supplements and vitamins  b1g1 free
use 3.00/2 SS 1/29/12
final price will vary ( could score two for free or very cheap)

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Weekend fan giveaway ends midnight sunday!  win an allure clutch filled with samples and goodies
scroll down the middle of the blog and enter on the rafflecopter

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