Thorlos gel pad socks review & giveaway

24 Sep

Once in a while a product comes along that just blows the roof off of what you already know about similar types of products.  My grandmother used to say, ” Never think you know everything about something cause it just might prove you wrong” . Now I know what she meant by that and now I will share it with you.

Socks! Almost all of us wear them every day but have you ever stopped to think about the socks you put on your feet each morning? I know I haven’t! I numbly go through my morning routine of getting dressed, putting on my socks and shoes, hair, makeup and out the door. At the end of each day as I drag my tired legs home, one thought is always on my mind, my legs and feet hurt and boy do I need new shoes. I never stopped to think that maybe the socks I was wearing was not helping the situation at all.

Over time and through work, workouts and just plain running through life, we lose some of the fat pads on our feet. Compound daily stress with poorly made shoes and socks and it is a recipe for disaster for our tired, aching feet. The right pair of socks can protect your feet by transferring the shock of walking or running on asphalt, concrete and more to the pads inside the socks. That brings me to Thorlos.
Thorlos is a company based in North Carolina. A big plus for me when trying any new company is that it is based in the USA. Thorlos socks are padded and feel amazing on the feet. As I sit here typing I am wearing my Thorlos socks and I am someone who usually sheds the socks and shoes the minute I am in the door. The feel of them on my feet is like being cradled in softness. I never realized what a difference just changing my socks can make. I feel less fatigue and soreness in my feet with these socks, that by the way come in some very cute colors. The pair I have on right now are neon pink and gray and I love them!!

Here is what Thorlos has to say about their sock technology…

Why Fabrics that work well on our bodies work poorly in our shoes
  • Cotton, wool and silk (all natural fabrics) absorb moisture [“Absorption” is defined as retention]. Wool claims to “wick,” which is not true.
  • Inside the shoes, natural cushion sock fabrics become ineffective and even harmful to the feet: They absorb moisture, become saturated and collapse. Result: no protection.
  • Acrylic “wicks” moisture [“Wicking” is defined as transmission or movement of moisture by capillary action], moving it to the outer materials of the shoe where it is released into the outside environment.
  • Acrylic cushion sock fabric maintains resiliency and provides a more natural yielding, forgiving, dynamic environment for the foot (like walking barefoot in grass or sand).
  • Result: More protection, more comfort.

Thorlos socks are made from an Acrylic cushion fabric that unlike common cotton socks, keeps your feet dry, cool and healthy.  If you suffer from foot problems like Plantar fasciitis, Gout, Heel spurs or more, why not treat your feet to amazing comfort and relief from all of those problems?

Here is a cute video about what your socks may be saying about you!

Thorlos has socks for everyone no matter what your profession or hobby…

  • Hiking, hunting, running and more
  • Snow sports
  • Law enforcement
  • Fireman
  • Medical
  • Postal
  • Industrial
  • Dress
  • All military branches
  • All day comfort 
These amazing socks are available in crew, mini crew, micro mini crew and roll top. I received the Experia-powered by Thorlo pads in the micro mini crew and I love them. They are available in many different color options but I just love my pink pair. 

You can find Thorlos on Facebook and on Twitter where you can keep up to date on the newest products and promotions. Buy 3 pairs of Thorlos and get free shipping in the US. My favorite part of Thorlos is their dedication to our troops. You can go HERE and donate socks to our men and women who tirelessly work to keep the rest of us safe. The military is near and dear to my heart and I love that Thorlos feels the same way. You can donate one pair for $6.95 with no shipping charges or 3 pairs for $20.85.  I just donated 3 pair and wish I could get these for every soldier. Please, if you have the extra money, consider doing this for our service men and women. 
 Head Over to Thorlos and browse through their huge selection and give your feet a break too!
The generous folks at Thorlos are offering a giveaway to one lucky fan.  Someone will win the same pair of socks I received in the awesome pink. Entries will be verified and only US residents please.  Winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.  Couponfreestuff is in no way responsible for prizes not shipped by sponsors. Giveaway is not affiliated with any social media sites.  Good Luck!

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