Hook Ums Wall Hooks Review

01 Oct

I have been busy the last few weeks trying to redecorate our home.  It is long overdue and I have finally started to make some headway.  Painting, new curtains, wall treatments and more, swim through my head even as I sleep.  One of the easiest things to overlook as I am making my way room to room is the small things. In my kitchen, especially, I never seem to have enough room for storing anything. I cook and bake a lot so I like to have my utensils within easy reach.  One of the things that gets misplaced the most in my kitchen is measuring cups and spoons.

One day they may be in a drawer and the next in a cabinet. It all depends on who put the dishes away the day before.I was racking my brain to figure out a solution for this problem when I came across a product online. Hook Um wall hooks has solved my dilemma.  They are made from a revolutionary new material called  EverStik and use nano suction technology. Um Brands makes wall hooks in all different shapes and color combinations. Not only do they offer wall hooks but many other products designed to make life a little easier as well, but I will get back to those in a minute.
The Hook Um wall hooks are peel and stick designed and make it easy to move them around over and over again. You do not need glue, tape or nails that leave marks on your walls. You simply peel and place on a clean, smooth surface.  Each hook can hold up to 10 pounds and makes them perfect for use in my kitchen, as a holder for my robe in the bathroom, to hold a plaque on my grandson’s bedroom wall and so many other decorating ideas. The only limitation is not to use them on wallpaper or freshly painted walls, other than that, the sky is the limit.

I love that if the backs gets dirty you can simply wipe them with water and a non abrasive fabric and put them right back up on the wall.  The possibilities are endless with these little marvels. You could even place them in a garage or basement work area to hold tools and such for a cleaner, more organized work space.
As you can see, I used mine for my kitchen towel and I love that it keeps it within handy reach. You will find hundreds of uses for these amazing wall hooks. But it doesn’t have to end there, Um products offers other items as well.  You can choose from:

  • Note Um: peel and stick note boards
  • Stick Um: adhesive grip pads for devices
  • Mirror Um: reusable peel and stick mirrors
  • Frame Um: reusable peel and stick picture frames
  • Clip Um: reusable peel and stick tool clips

My next purchase will be the Clip Ums which would be great in my downstairs bathroom to hold my brushes and curling iron so that they are out of the way!
I am sure I will find many more uses for these little wonders.

The generous people at UM brands is offering a discount code to my readers.  Simply use the code couponfreestuff-rocks, which does not expire until 9/26/13,  at checkout for a 15% off savings.  They also offer free shipping on orders over $10! 

You can also find UM Brands on Facebook , Twitter and on Pinterest where you find find news on the latest products and promotions.  If you are looking to get a bit more organized and do it with style and color, make it a product from UM Brands!


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