DERMDEALS Personal Microderm System Review

11 Oct

As I have gotten older it has become harder and harder to take care of my skin. When I was younger, all I had to worry about was an occasional breakout or maybe a bout with dry skin. Now, into my forties, the skin concerns have been replaced. Wrinkles, age spots and broken blood vessels are now a part of daily life.  So many different factors work against us and our skin, especially as we age! The environment, our lifestyles, eating habits and genetics all play a part. How we deal with this is something that is completely in our control.

I learned in my thirties that skin care was more important that I had ever thought before. Those little lines that started creeping up on me were a wake up call and a call to action. I started a skin care routine that is still a part of my daily life today.  Cleansing my skin, toning and moisturizing are now done on auto pilot as part of a daily regimen.

You only get one chance to take care of your skin. I do not sun worship, in fact I take every precaution I can to stay protected from the sun and  I use products that are all natural to take care of my skin. One thing that has recently been brought to my attention is Microderm Abrasion. I had heard of this for years in passing but had really never took it to heart or researched it. I thought the routine I had was sufficient to keep my skin younger and healthy looking. Now after doing my homework, I see that I have been missing out on a very important step in skin care.

DermDeals Personal MicroDerm System has been an amazing addition to my skin care routine. offers products that are approved by their resident board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Cheryl Eberting. These doctor approved products are safe for everyone and every skin type. 

The personal Microderm System is easy to use at home. The home system is a fraction of the cost of going to a professional and offers the same results: healthy, younger looking skin. The microderm abrasion pads are made from aluminum oxide crystals that smooth away dead skin cells and reduce age spots and other signs of aging. Each kit comes with:

  • 1 personal microderm tool
  • 5 exfoliating discs
  • electric cord
  • 1 facial cap
  • 1 body cap
  • 1 reusable filter
  • instructions and DVD

Everything you need to get professional results in right here in this kit. Why pay thousands of dollars when you can get this home kit for just $170 and you can use it again and again. 

I used the system with a facial cleanser bar that I use daily. It was a bit of a strange sensation at first but I have to say when I was done with the first treatment, my skin felt healthier and softer than it had in a while. It does leave behind some redness to the skin but this goes away in just a few minutes. If you have very sensitive skin, I would recommend a trial on maybe the skin on your neck to see how you react. The system is easy to use and just takes a few minutes to put together. It is recommended that you watch the DVD instructions first. This helped me a lot.  Once I had the system ready to go I applied the facial cleanser, turned on the system and used upward motions across my entire face and neck area. Pulling the skin taught as you go makes it a lot easier as well. I started with the training disc to get familiar with it then changed it to the blue facial disc. Each disc has a specific use for the face or body.

After seeing the before and after pictures on their site, I can’t wait to see my own. I have done 2 treatments now and can already tell a difference in texture and appearance. It is not dramatic yet but since I see this face everyday, I can tell. It is recommended to not do the treatments more than 1 time a week ( every six days).

If you are looking for a more inexpensive way to get your skin looking healthier and younger, then all you need is the DermDeals Personal Microderm System. This would also make a great gift idea!  DermDeals offers many products to keep your skin glowing so make sure you head over and browse through all of their Dr approved products. While you are shopping,  sign up for their newsletter to keep up to date on their newest products and promotions.
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