Food Should Taste Good Chips Review

11 Oct

I am always looking for products that allow me and my family to eat healthier without sacrificing flavor. Sometimes that seems like a herculean feat! Just because something is good for you does not mean it should be tasteless or worse yet bad tasting. So in my endeavors to add healthy alternatives to our shopping list, I am always hunting for the best product available. During my journey I found Food Should taste Good!

My family loves to snack but I do not like most of the options available. Salty, fat laden chips or sugary cookies is not what I want for my family.  Food Should Taste Good offers tortilla chips,crackers and kettle cooked  that are good for you and, well, taste good! In my opinion the products should be called food should taste great because good does not begin to cover the flavor of these products.

I received bags of the sweet potato, cheddar, olive and multi grain chips. Each bag that was opened was better than the last. My mother and niece loved the sweet potato chips and made short work of them. My grandson tore into the cheddar chips and took the rest of the bag home with him. His words ” My chips nana, I love em”.  The flavor is rich and amazing and you don’t taste anything but all natural ingredients. You won’t find any of these chips to be overly salty and you definitely won’t miss the greasiness of regular chips. ( don’t have a picture of the Sweet potato chips as my niece made off with them before I could snap the pic )

Now I am not usually a fan of anything olive but I have to say they are even amazing. Each chip is crisp and full of flavor. You can definitely tell the difference between these and the oily, fatty chips you are used to. 
Founder, Pete  Lescoe, started Food Should Taste Good in 2006. His goal was to bring us unique snacks with real ingredients and great flavor. I would say he has delivered on that in spades. All of the chip and cracker varieties are gluten and cholesterol free, have zero grams of trans fat, are certified kosher and some varieties are certified vegan as well.

One thing that I love about this company is that they believe food should also DO good. They have teamed up with Ellen For the Cure to provide support in the fight against breast cancer and have donated $150,000. I love a company that gives back.

You can order Food Should taste Good online or find them in your nearest grocers or whole foods store. They have so many varieties to choose from you are sure to find a few new favorites.  Make sure you browse through their products and find some healthy alternatives for your family’s snacking. You can find them on Facebook , Twitter and on Pinterest  where you can keep up to date on the latest product and promotion information.

If you are looking for a unique and healthy gift idea this year, look no farther than Food Should Taste Good. Anyone on your gift list this year would love to get this healthy, delicious snacks!

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