Asher’s Chocolate Review

12 Oct

It is said that a journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step, but what would that journey be without chocolate?  A truly amazing piece of chocolate has power: the power to transform, heal and comfort. The rich, smooth taste can comfort a bad day, help to heal a broken heart and transform a bad mood. It can be rich and decadent or smooth and creamy., sublimely bitter or lusciously lavish. I have had a life long love affair with chocolate and consider myself quite a connoisseur.  Over the years I have tried just about every type and brand of chocolate that is out there. While I don’t believe I have ever had a ” bad” piece of chocolate, there are certainly chocolates that standout among others.

When I was recently given the chance to try and review a chocolate treat from Asher’s Chocolate I went into it thinking it would be good but not really different than most others. I didn’t expect to find a new favorite or for the flavor to be any better than others I have tried. So imagine my surprise when I received my box of Asher’s Milk Chocolate Dipped Sandwich Cookies! Each cookie comes individually wrapped and there are 18 in each box. I quickly opened one because let’s face it, who can wait when they have a box full of chocolate in their hand? It looked like chocolate heaven. Each cookie is thickly coated in milk chocolate. I took my first bite into the sweet creation and was instantly hooked. I have to say, truthfully, it is the best chocolate I have ever tasted. Let me repeat that again, It is the best chocolate I have ever tasted!

Each bite was better than the one before and it was pure, unadulterated goodness! Sure, I have really liked other chocolate in the past but I don’t think I had ever found one particular brand that I would say is my absolute favorite. Now if someone were to ask me which chocolate I would absolutely have to take with me to a deserted island it would Ashers.   It is a perfect blend of creaminess and flavor! It isn’t a sweet that you can only have one piece and then you’re done but a taste that unfortunately for me and my diet, kept me going back for piece after piece until to my horror they were all gone.

100_5362  (you can see my enthusiastic teeth marks)

Asher’s Chocolate offers many different sweet options. No matter what your favorite is, you will find it here or find a few new favorites. I plan on ordering these again real soon and getting some for my sweet loving dad for Christmas. I think a few people on my holiday list this year will be receiving Asher’s on Christmas morning. Are you a fan of chocolate covered pretzels or chips? You will find them among the many chocolate covered pages of their website. They also offer gift baskets and boxes that make gift giving easier

You can also find Asher’s Chocolate on Facebook and on Twitter where you stay updated on all of their latest products and promotions.  Make sure you stop by their website and browse through their amazing chocolate goodies and pick out a few for yourself, but make sure you hide a few or they will be gone quick!!

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