Parnevu Hair care Review

15 Oct

My youngest sibling, my brother Joshua, has had trials and tribulations in trying to take care of his sometimes unruly hair. He has a full head of thick, curly hair and at age 21, really does not care much about taking care of it. His 3 sisters and mother are constantly nagging him to clean up a bit.  When I was recently given the opportunity to try hair care products from PARNEVU, I realized it was a chance to do something for his hair. I received the Extra Dry Shampoo, the T-Tree Leave in Conditioner and the T-Tree Scalp oil.

Here is a picture of his hair before the PARNEVU products:

As you can see his hair looks extremely dry and he complains that even his goatee is dry and unruly. Since childhood he has been extremely tender-headed and it has been almost impossible to comb, braid or anything to his hair because it hurts him. The result of not being to do anything with his hair has been a major bone of contention between him and our mom. She wants him to look his best, he just doesn’t care that much.

With such a big age difference between me and my brother( 21 years) I usually end up siding with mom as I also want him to look neat and presentable. Many arguments over the years have ensued and battles have been won and lost. I was so glad that he agreed to try the products and now he is just as glad too! 

He says that his hair felt so much softer after just 1 use. He really enjoyed the scent and texture of the products. Coming from Josh, this is a big compliment! He even used it on his goatee and loved the way it made that feel as well.  My mother states that his hair looks softer and moisture has been put back into his hair. Any product that can make both my mother and brother happy is an amazing product to me. I asked if he would continue to use the product and I received an emphatic yes!!

Here is the after 1 use picture. I think it is hard to tell in pictures the difference the product made but if you could “feel” before and after, It’s a huge difference. You can see less fly-away, pieces of hair in the after. You may not be able to actually see a difference in the pictures but I assure you the difference is amazing in texture and softness!

PARNEVU offers many different options in hair care products. Shampoos and conditioners, scalp treatments, relaxers, oil replenishers, styling products and so much more. I wish we had these products when he was younger as it would have been so much easier to take care of his hair. 

The T-Tree line of products are formulated to promote growth, prevent breakage, repair split ends and eliminate dry scalp which will leave you with healthier looking and feeling hair. 

What is so amazing about these products is that no matter what type of hair you may have, they have something for you:

  • Dry or damaged hair
  • Color treated hair
  • scalp conditions
  • Split ends
  • oily hair
and so much more.

PARNEVU offers deals on their website as well. The current deal is buy any relaxer kit and get a free shampoo. You can sign up for their newsletter as well to keep up to date with their latest products and promotions. You can find PARNEVU on Facebook and on Twitter.

If you have someone in your life that has dry, unmanageable hair, PARNEVU products are for you. These products would make a great gift for the Holidays this year! Head over to their website and browse through the amazing hair care choices they offer!

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