Garlic Gold Organic Sea Salt Nuggets Review

17 Oct

I love to cook and I love garlic so any product that allows me to do both is amazing. I use garlic in a lot of my recipes and although I love using it, I don’t love chopping it. In the past I have bought many different garlic seasonings hoping for authentic garlic taste and have always been let down. Most of these seasonings are watered down versions of the garlic taste that I love and do not add very much flavor to my dishes or they over do it and you taste nothing but garlic. I have never been able to find that happy medium: that is until I discovered Garlic Gold.

I was recently given the opportunity to try Garlic Gold’s Sea Salt Nuggets. I have found my new garlic seasoning for life! It has the perfect amount of garlic flavor and aroma and I am loving it! I have to admit that I am probably a bit overly picky when it comes to the seasonings I use because combined with my love of cooking I also only want to give my family foods that are good for them as well.  Garlic Gold’s Sea Salt Nuggets are organic and taste amazing! It offers organic garlic toasted to perfection in organic olive oil and blended with sea salt. This is a handcrafted, artisanal, gourmet blend. Simple, delicious and all natural, what more could I ask for? 


When I opened the cap my senses were immediately tempted by the fresh garlic aroma that I had been searching for. It is not an extreme garlic scent but just the perfect mix. The addition of the sea salt allows me to not have to add salt myself and since sea salt is so much better for you, it makes me feel good to use this in my cooking. With only 4 calories a serving and absolutely no fat, cholesterol or carbs, I can feel good about giving it to my family.
There are so many uses for this seasoning:

  • Pizza topping
  • salads
  • potatoes
  • Pasta topping
  • meat seasoning
  • veggies
and so much more. Any recipe you would use garlic for, you can now use Garlic Gold Sea Salt Nuggets instead. It is so much easier and convenient to use this little shaker than to stand at the counter chopping garlic and making a mess. My first meal I used it for was chicken breasts.  I always marinate my chicken in Italian dressing overnight. The next morning I added the sea salt nuggets and let them sit in the fridge for a couple of hours before I cooked them.  The aroma in the house while they baked was amazing. I kept finding myself wandering back to the kitchen to open the oven and take in the delicious scent.

When they were done I could not wait to taste them and stole a forkful of chicken right off the stove. The taste was just as amazing as it had smelled cooking. It just melted in my mouth and if I hadn’t know better I would swear it was fresh garlic that I had used. YUM! I am a complete and utter fan of the sea salt nuggets and they will always be in my spice rack now!

Garlic Gold also offers:
  • Garlic gold: toasted garlic mixed with olive oil
  • Garlic Gold Olive Oil
  • Garlic Gold Vinaigrette salad dressing.
  • Garlic Gold Southwest nuggets
  • Garlic Gold Herbs De Provence

I can’t wait to try these other products. I would use the Garlic Gold mixed with olive oil for a bread dipping sauce. The Garlic Gold Vinaigrette would be awesome as a marinade for my meat as well.  They also offer gift boxes that would make great Holiday gifts for all of the cooks and food lovers on your list this year. I know I would love to find this under my tree Christmas morning!

You can find Garlic Gold on Facebook and you can sign up for their newsletter so you can get the skinny on all new products and promotions. Whether you are a seasoned chef or just love to cook, you will love these products from Garlic Gold. Browse through the products and I am sure you will find a few new faves!

Here is a recipe to wake up those taste buds:

Tuscan Style Bread:

2 3.4 in thick pieces of Italian or sourdough bread per person. ( do not skimp on the quality of the bread.)
Toast the bread with the plain side down over a medium heat ( or in the oven)
Apply some butter to the pieces then liberally apply the Garlic Gold to the bread.
when bread is browned, removed.

If you love bruschetta, add a mixture of fresh chopped tomatoes and basil that have marinated in Garlic Gold fro a few hours. Use approximately 1 tbs of oil and i basil leave for each small potato, spoon tomato mixture over the bread as soon as it is done cooking!  

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