ILA Women’s Safety with Style Review

17 Oct

Every woman deserves to feel safe no matter where she goes. No woman likes to feel helpless or vulnerable when they leave their homes. Many women carry mace or pepper spray and although I am very grateful that I have never been put into a situation where I have had to use it, I feel that it would just take to long to get to it and actually use it for it to be an effective deterrent or life saver. I have heard horror stories of women trying to use it and actually spraying themselves as well which would leave you even more vulnerable to attack. 

I have been searching for a product that is easy to carry with me, easy to get to and use and will be effective in its use. I have scoured magazines, newspapers and the Internet in research of such a product. Finally I found Ila Security. Ila offers personal security alarms for women that are both functional and stylish. Products that can hang right from your handbag or key chain makes them easily accessible without looking like an alarm.

Looks so stylish

I received the Ila Dusk and Ila Pebble personal alarms and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened them. The Ila Dusk looks like a fashion accessory instead of an alarm and is available in 6 different designs. It  hangs on  the outside of any handbag.  This alarm is designed to sound like a very high pitched, woman’s scream that emits at 130 decibels.  My husband decided it might be a good idea to test this one outside so that we could hear just how loud it would be. I have to say I was impressed with the volume of the alarm and one of our neighbors even popped his head outside to investigate. The sound definitely carried outside which is exactly what you want it to do. A woman’s scream would definitely draw more attention than other alarms. I have a panic button on my car’s remote start but let’s face it, most of us are so numb to the sound of a car alarm going off that most people would not even bother to investigate which means no one coming to the rescue. A woman’s scream will also disorient an attacker more so than any other sound from an alarm.

The Ila Dusk is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is pull the chain from the device and the alarm sounds immediately. Replacing the chain stops the alarm. The alarm will sound continuously for 10 minutes.   It is as simple as that.  The device is made of  durable plastic and if not used, the battery is designed to last for 3 years.  The battery is not replaceable or rechargeable but with this amazing personal alarm system only costing less than $20, I have no problem replacing it when needed or buying extras for myself, friends or family. 
The Ila Pebble  is also very easy to use. You press the panic button and pull the chain and a 130 decibel  siren is emitted. This one is designed to hang from your key ring. We always have our keys with us and by the chain pulling away from the alarm, you still have your keys in your hand for a possible weapon or escape to your car. This alarm comes in 2 styles and looks fashionable as well. I do not think most people would ever guess it was an alarm. I tested this one in the house and it is defiantly an attention getting sound. 

Ladies we have to face facts. It is dangerous to be out alone whether it’s day or night. Having a personal alarm that is so convenient and easy to use gives us a fighting chance. If we add a self defense class to the equation then our chances of escape go up even more. I know for me, I want to give myself any advantage I can to get myself home safely to my family. My Ila will now always be on my key chain wherever I go. I gave the Ila Dusk to my daughter, who is a single mother, so she can be safer too. She works and attends college and with some of her classes at night, I feel better knowing she has one!
Ila Security offers other products as well:

  • Ila handbag hook ( to keep your handbag off the floor and close to you)
  • Ila Sport pedometer alarm
  • Ila Wedge door alarm
  • Ila Wordlock combination lock

I am adding Ila Security’s personal alarms to my Christmas gift giving this year. Every woman in my life needs  the security of an Ila alarm. Give the women in your life a special gift this year too. You can find Ila Security on Facebook and on Twitter where you can keep up to date on the newest products and promotions.You can also sign up for their newsletter to stay in touch. I love my Ila Security personal alarm and the protection it provides, don’t you deserve peace of mind too?

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