We Sell Mats Review

17 Oct

So many times in the past I have bought mats and rugs for various rooms in my home that although they looked good in the store or online, when I got them home they left much to be desired. The last mats that I purchased for my laundry room promised long life and comfort to my tired feet and legs. They delivered on neither and within a week I was tossing them out. The material was flimsy and fell apart and the padding did   nothing to help with standing on a concrete floor in the basement while doing endless loads of laundry. 

I had just about given up on finding any item that I would be happy with and then I found We Sell Mats! I was recently given the opportunity to try these mats for myself. I chose the 3/8″ Wood Grain EVA mat.  When I removed the mat pieces from the box I instantly knew these were not your run of the mill mats that I had tried before. They felt thicker and were absolutely a better quality mat. I really liked the look of the faux wood grain that I had chosen. 

I immediately headed down to the basement to try these out. I love the interlocking pieces and the removable strips that you can hide the puzzle lock like features with. I placed three of the mats together in front of my washer and dryer and they fit perfectly. I do not have a lot of space and worried they may be too big. Each square is 12×12 . Once I had them where I wanted, I started in on a load of laundry. My feet and legs were very happy as I stood on the soft, cushioned mat to do a chore that I so hate to do. Another big plus for me is that they just wipe clean.  By having them in the basement they will tend to get dusty or spills from detergent and such and it’s a definite plus that they clean up so easily. 

We Sell Mats offers many different products to choose from for just about every need in your home. I love the kids foam mats that are available in ABC/123  and are BPA and lead free. Your child could have hours of fun with these mats or even use them as rug substitute.  Some of the other products they offer are :

  • Colored foam mats
  • Carpet top foam mats
  • Fitness mats
  • Gymnastics mats
  • Automotive mats
  • Commercial rubber

You can take advantage of their overstocks at amazing discounts! You can find We Sell Mats on Facebook where you can like their page for a special discount code or sign up for their newsletter to get web only deals and promotions.

These mats would be great in just about any room in your house and even garage. They can be used as a padded play area for your kids, a comfortable addition to your home gym or work out area and so much more. Make sure you stop by and check out their selection for yourself.

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