Enviro-Log Earth Friendly Fire Review

24 Oct

One of my and my husbands favorite things to do on a chilly, Michigan Fall day is to gather around a bonfire in our back yard. My hubby will get the fire going and we sit close with a cocktail in hand and enjoy the mesmerizing effects of the fire. There is something so peaceful and hypnotic about the crackling flames and bright amber glow. This is where we can unwind from our hectic day, spend some quality time and just relax and reconnect.

We also are trying to lead a greener life and we have become very aware of what we burn in our fire pit as well. I was recently introduced to Enviro-Logs and they are definitely committed to earth-friendly fire.  I received 2 fire logs that are made from 100% recycled wax cardboard.  These logs are safe for:

  • Fireplaces
  • Woodstoves
  • Chimneas
  • Campfires

I really am impressed with these fire logs.  They contain 80% less carbon monoxide, 86% less creosote, 50% more heat content and 30% less particulate emissions.  All of this simply means you get a cleaner, safer fire. You simply loosen the bag that contains the log, stack with the seam up and light each each end of the bag. No kindling is needed to help it along.  Enviro-Log was very easy to light and it definitely lives up to it’s claim of a continuous burn for up to three hours. It actually would have lasted longer than that but since my husband had to work in the morning we had to put the fire out before it completely burned down.


There was definitely less smoke from these logs and they even smelled better as they burned. Just to see the difference, my husband added some logs that he had recently cut from an overgrown tree in our yard.  As soon as he added them, you could tell the difference. The fire started to smoke more and the scent changed. It seemed that the smoke was taking over the fire.  

I do not have a fireplace in my house, but I would assume that this environmentally safe fire log, with so much less smoke, would be perfect for indoor fires. I also noticed that the Enviro-Logs gave off much more heat than the traditional wood logs.  When we were only using this log, the fire seemed to burn hotter and you did not have to sit as close to feel the effects of the heat.  Once we added the regular wood the heat seemed to dissipate and we had to move our chairs a bit closer to the fire pit.

                                                          ( notice no smoke)

Another plus for an indoor fireplace is that Enviro-logs contain 86% less creosote than traditional fire logs.  Creosote is the nasty stuff that can build up in your fireplace and become dangerous.  Everyone wants to keep their families safe and Enviro-Logs can help you do just that.

Enviro-Logs are found in major retailers and are sold in 6,9 and even 24 packs. They come in 2.5 and 5 pound logs. Because they are made with food grade, waxed old, corrugated containers, they are great for outdoor cooking as well. Another plus with these logs is they do not spark because they contain no petroleum and this makes for a safer fire as well.

Whether you love to build fires indoor or outdoors, recreational or necessity, Enviro-Logs are perfect for your needs. Keep your family safe and warm and help out the environment as well.  You can find Enviro-Logs on Facebook  and on Twitter where you can keep up to date on the latest products and promotions. 

The next fire you build, make it an Enviro-Log fire!

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