ThermalAid: 100% natural heating and cooling packs for kids. Review

30 Oct

Any parent knows to expect the unexpected.  Life as a parent is never dull or predictable so it definitely pays to be prepared for every situation you can possible conceive of.  We have all been there.  The night before the big presentation at work, one child runs a fever.  The day before a family gathering, a child falls and gets hurt. It never fails.

Although my children are now grown, I have a 3 year old grandson now that is carrying on the mishap torch with pride.  I am back to keeping baby aspirin and ice packs on hand once again.  His latest exploit was to climb a kitchen chair to ” help nana” with the dishes which resulted in a fall and a nice bump on the head. This time instead of a baggie full of ice wrapped in a dish towel I was happy to have Thermal Aid’s 100% natural heating/cooling pack to use.  This is such a wonderful product. Easy to use and because it’s a cute zoo animal, the healing began quicker as he was so enamored with it.

100_5438I received JoJo the Monkey heating/cooling pack from Thermal Aid.  I absolutely love this product and so does the toughest critic of all, my three year old.  It is 100% natural cotton that is filled with a heating and cooling element that is composed of specially engineered corn that allows for temperatures to be sustained for long periods of time.  Our little JoJo is is 12 x5 inches and weighs just 1.6 pounds. One of the pluses of this little wonder is that it is machine washable!! Any parent knows that this is a must as this product will be used over and over again.

JoJo the Monkey can be used as a heating or cooling pack.  You can place him in the microwave on a clean, center surface for 45-60 seconds for an amazing heating pack( do not place them in the microwave wet)  or place him in the freezer for a few hours for a soothing cold pack.  I received this product just in time for a sickness bout that included a 100 degree temp for my little guy.  We placed JoJo in the freezer and then placed him at the top of my grandson’s head as he lay on the couch and watched TV.  His words were ”  oh, that feeled good nana” , so this is a glowing endorsement from the little patient.

Having raised a boy already, I know that the bumps, bruises and mishaps follow one another in rapid succession and having this heating/cooling pack from Thermal aid is a God send.  We have only had it a week and have already used it for fever, a bump on the head and a sore leg. My grandson suffers like most kids from growing pains and always complains of his legs hurting. We placed JoJo in the microwave and placed him across his legs.  He loved it! It really seamed to help him too and we had hours of no complaints of pain.
With the cold weather that has quickly taken over, we have even heated up the monkey and placed him in bed beside him just for extra warmth. When I woke up the monkey was at his feet so they must have warmed his cold tootsies for the night!  My 14 year old niece even loves this product.  She is a diabetic and her feet are a constant worry. She can keep her feet warm with JoJo as well.

The Thermal Aid heating and cooling zoo packs are available in 5 different animals:

  • JoJo the Monkey
  • Tiny The Elephant
  • Ollie the Koala
  • Baxter the Rabbit
  • Happy the Hippo
They also offer a line of Bear packs in different colors. Each one is cute and so functional.  No matter which one you choose, your little one is sure to love it! They also have heating/cooling packs for your pets!

I also love that they offer adult heating/cooling packs as well. These are offered in different sizes for different needs. Tube shaped to large sectional pieces, you will definitely find one for every purpose from reducing swelling to alleviating pain.  There are so many different uses for these packs:
  • Arthritis pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • broken bones
  • MS
  • Migraines
  • Muscle aches
and so much more.  I think JoJo will be a permanent fixture for me as well since I suffer from migraines. You can find Thermal Aid on Facebook , Twitter and on Pinterest   where you can keep up to date on the latest products and promotions!
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