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11 Nov

Every once in a while, a product comes along that you decide you want to try and then after a little time goes by, you wonder how did I ever live without this?  I know this does not happen all of the time but it does happen and for me it was receiving a Himalayan Salt Lamp that changed how I look at things in my home. I never knew I needed one til it was here!

Salt Lamps  are an amazing addition to my home and the benefits are wondrous. They cleanse and detoxify your environment as well as look beautiful sitting on any table in your home. When I received my Himalayan Salt Lamp, I was amazed at the weight of it, almost 5 pounds. Before I even plugged it in I was mesmerized by the beauty and soft amber color of it. To me, it’s shape and color remind me of a cavern I visited as a small child with my family. I was in complete awe of the rock formations and my Salt Lamp resembles that for me.

Himalayan salt, one of the most sought after items by practitioners of natural and holistic medicine, has been found to have many healthy benefits and experts have found numerous uses for it.  These Salt lamps are created from mined, Himalayan Crystal Salt from far below the Earth’s depths. Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements. The bulb inside the lamp heats the crystal and causes the release of negative ions into the air.

Negative ions bond with the positive ions,which are pollutants,  in your home to cause some amazing benefits. I never knew that the electronics I have running everyday in my home, from the TV to my laptop, were giving off pollution that completely throws off the balance of the air I am breathing.  This out of balance air results in health problems such as:

  • Migraines
  • Asthma
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Sinus problems
and so much more.  They can even be a mood enhancer.  Since receiving mine, I have not had a migraine at all and that is huge for me.  I normally suffer at least one migraine a week or so. This is a God-send for me.  My migraines result in having to take a prescription medication and laying in a quiet, dark room for hours, suffering.  So far, I have had relief from this completely.  I also notice a lot less sneezing.  I am someone who can sneeze four or five times in a row, several times through out the day.  This has even  lessened considerably for me. I have my lamp sitting, with it’s beautiful Rosewood base,  on top of our TV in the living room and it is on almost all of the time. I even leave it on when we sleep.  I plan on purchasing more for all of the rooms in my house.

Many world famous, luxury spas around the world use Himalayan salt in their treatments.  These treatments can become very expensive and most of us just cannot afford the luxury. By having these lamps in my home, I feel I am getting the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.  The Mini Salt Lamp I received costs just $27.99 and has free shipping, and is perfect for a bedroom, den or even your office.

After I first heard of these lamps, I did a bit on research about them and was amazed at all of the health benefits they can provide.  The one benefit that jumped out at me was a study that was done for kids with ADHD( attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). I raised 2 ADHD kids and I know what a struggle it was.  Now my three year old grandson is showing signs of it too.  He never sits still, he can’t keep focused on anything and bounces off the walls.  This study I found was done over a week where they placed these lamps in the children’s rooms while they slept.  The symptoms seem to improve over the week’s time.  They then took the lamps away and the symptoms returned full force. So can you guess what is now in my grandson’s room? offers many different sizes and styles of lamps and you are sure to find the perfect ones for your home:
  • Natural salt lamps  ( in various sizes)
  • Crafted salt lamps ( in various designs)
  • Cross salt lamps
  • Globe salt lamps
  • USB salt lamps ( sit right next to your computer)
  • Abundance bowl salt lamps
  • Animal shaped lamps
  • Edible salt
  • Salt Tiles for grilling
and much more.  No matter which room or what size you are looking for, you will find it here.  This amazing Salt Lamps make a great gift for anyone on your Holiday list this year. Keep your loved ones healthy with a Himalayan Salt Lamp. You can find on  Facebook where you can like their page and keep up to date on their latest products and promotions. You can also find them on Instagram: @YourSaltLamps

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