Bondi Bands Review

26 Nov

I am a huge fan of headbands  I love the fashionable look of headbands and matching them with different items from my closet. I also love to use a headband when I work out as it keeps my hair out of the way and helps keep sweat at a minimum. Unfortunately, I have yet to find one that does not either hurt my head or that will stay in place throughout the day! That is until I found Bondi Bands!

Bondi Bands offers comfortable and creative headbands that fit all lifestyles and head sizes. Hallelujah! I have a large head and every other head band I have tried just eventually slips back off my head then I will try a smaller one and that just causes pain. I no longer have to worry about that with Bondi Bands. They use stretchy and breathable material that is made for comfort as well as style!

No matter what your style or personality, you will find a Bondi Band that is perfect for you. They offer:

  • Fashion Bands ( Lycra) 
  • Sayings Bands ( heavy sweat wicking)
  • Solid Bands ( heavy sweat wicking)
  • Glow in the Dark headbands

I received the Sayings Bands and I love them. They are so comfortable and fit my head well.  I wore mine as I was doing my house work and I definitely noticed that it not only kept my hair out of my face but as I was diligently working, it kept the sweat away too! They are so comfortable that I even forgot I was wearing it until I saw myself in the bathroom mirror while cleaning. You can even design your own Bondi Band! You can choose a saying or motto that you use, a business or organization name or anything you choose.

Bondi Bands offers more than headbands:
  • Arm Bands and Wrist Bands
  • Braided Skinny Bands
  • Wicking Hats
  • Wicking Ponytail Hats
  • Wicking Neck Gators
  • Wicking Sweat Towels
  • Babes Bands for 1-5 year olds
 Bondi Bands make great Holiday gifts too!  You can purchase them for anyone on your list this year and can even be used as stocking stuffers!
Bondi Bands have been sported by celebrities as well.  On epsiode 5 of R&  B Divas, Sylleena Johnson sported a Bondi Band.  North American World Cup Skier, Nina, wears them as well! Snookie even sported a Bondi Band on WWE!

One of the things I really like about this company is their charitable giving! Each year they donate 10% of their pre-tax profit to a charity. In 2011 they chose the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School in Boston. Bondi Bands even offers fundraising opportunities for your organization. You can submit the online form for more information and pricing! 

You can find Bondi Bands on Facebook and on Twitter where you can keep up to date on the latest products and promotions. Bondi Bands are perfect for any lifestyle, won’t slip  and keep you nice and dry!
Make sure you head over and pick out a few for the loved ones on your holiday list this year!
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