Shoplet Gojo Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser review

15 Feb

I am and always have been a fan of Purell products. I always have a hand sanitizer sitting in the living room, kitchen and in the bathroom. I carry a small bottle of Purell in my purse at all times.  Sometimes it is just not possible to get to a sink to wash your hands and the next best thing is Purell!  

Being a member of Shoplet has allowed me to try different products and I love that I got to try the Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.  I had never thought of adding one of these to my home but it is a perfect addition to the utility room as just about everyone uses the back door and with it hanging near the door, everyone can  clean there hands easily and quickly.  Whether it’s the kids after playing outside, the adults out doing yard work or cleaning up after pets, clean hands are just a few steps away.

These Purell dispensers would make a great addition to just about anywhere you can think of: school classrooms, offices, cubicles, work rooms, gyms and so much more.  Purell hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs in about 15 seconds. Each day we touch hundreds of surfaces and let’s face it, you never know what you are touching. By making sure your hands are clean throughout the day, you can ward off illness and bacteria and keep you and your family healthy. This hand sanitizer dispenser is a great size at 9.79 in by 3.7 in and fits easily in tight spaces. It’s white and it will blend  in easily to your decor. The large window allows you to monitor the contents for easy refills.

Soap and water are still the best defense against germs and bacteria but when that is not possible, alcohol based hand sanitizers like Purell are your next best defense.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend hand sanitizers when soap and water are not available. 

Shoplet offers a full line of Purell products as well as just about anything else you would need for your office or home office.  They offer free shipping on your orders of $45 or more and have friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you with any purchase.

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