Minky Couture Designer Blankets Review and Giveaway

01 Mar

I love to give my grandson, J.T., the best of everything that I possibly can.  I buy organic products for his skin and for his snacks, I buy the latest safety products to keep him safe, and toys that help him have fun yet also expand  his ever growing imagination.  I purchased a great mattress for his bedroom here in my home and soft, quality sheets yet I didn’t really give much thought to the blankets I bought him other than warmth and comfort. I always thought a blanket was a blanket.  Now that I have been introduced to Minky Couture Designer Blankets, I have a whole new outlook!

I received the Tween size All-Star Blanket for my little man. From the moment I opened the box I could see what a quality blanket this was. The colors are so vibrant! The backing is a bright, vivid red and the sports pattern was equally colorful with black, grey, red and blues that are just  beautiful! With the pictures of different sports balls, it is a perfect fit for him. It is amazingly soft and feels like you are holding a cloud. When I took it out of the box, my grandson immediately grabbed it and held it to his face. His words were ” Nana it’s so soft and snuggly”. 

This blanket in the Tween size measures 36″x50″ and is the perfect cuddle size for a crib, toddler bed or just snuggling on the couch. Minky fabric is in a class all to itself. Steps beyond fleece, this fabric is the softest I have ever felt and I didn’t even realize a fabric could be this soft and silky feeling. One of the things I love most is that this fabric does not lose it’s color and shape like other fabrics do. You will be seeing these vibrant colors for a long time to come.

The warmth of this blanket is unlike any other I have had as well.  The original uses for minky fabric was to comfort and warm babies. It is used in bibs, baby blankets, toys, changing pads and more. Minky Couture took this concept farther by bringing this same warmth and comfort to toddlers, tweens and adults. They offer these blankets in a variety of sizes:

  • infant
  • tween/crib
  • adult
  • mini
  • monster
  • doll/pet
You can also get minky comfort in a fitted crib sheet or pillow as well.

The pattern choices are vast and beautiful and range from playful to elegant. Whether you are buying one for yourself, your child or as a gift, you are sure to find a Minky Couture blanket that fits perfectly. Some of the patterns available would also make a great addition to a rooms decor. You could drape a blanket over a couch or chair, over a piano bench or even as a tapestry. These blankets make great gifts for just about any occasion. Imagine giving one of these beautiful, soft blankets as a wedding shower gift. No need to worry about returns or double gifts with this unique idea. 

Minky Couture started in 2009 by Sandi Hendry who gave these beautiful blankets as gifts to friends and family. they loved them so much they wanted to buy them.  When her adult daughter became ill and had to be hospitalized, her request for an adult Minky blanket brought about the adult blanket. Before long, the Monster Minky was born as well. I especially love that each blanket is made in the USA, individually by a very talented seamstress. You can even customize your blanket with embroidery options.

Make sure you visit Minky Couture’s online store for a wide selection of blankets and home decor. You can also find them on Facebook,  Twitter and on Pinterest where you stay up to date on the latest products and promotions. They are also offering an exclusive coupon code to my readers. Enter code blog35 at check out for 35% off your purchase.

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