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WearEver Buster Brown 3pk cotton socks Review

I have found that as I have gotten older and a little less active than I like, I have begun to notice that I have some circulation problems, especially in my feet and legs.  I have had to have knee surgery and that hasn’t helped the situation either.  I have tried compression stockings and sleeves that haven’t helped much or at all and one pair even caused an allergic reaction.  

Recently I was given the opportunity from WearEver to try Buster Brown 100% Cotton Anklet socks.  These socks have no elastic and no synthetic fibers that allow for much better circulation.  In the past I have tried other no elastic socks but they seem to slip down and look terrible or cause discomfort.  These socks stay put! Because they are from Buster Brown, you can count on the quality of these socks from such a trusted name.

The Buster Brown cotton anklets are perfect for diabetics and other medical problems that result in circulation problems. They are extremely comfortable and come in a 3 pack in either black or white. You can also find them in  variety of sizes. Men or women could benefit from these socks and they do not have to be rolled down as anklets.

WearEver is based in North Carolina and offers a wide variety of products for wellness needs and has a 3 point philosophy:

  • Consistent quality and performance
  • Fashionable and stylish designs
  • Attractive pricing
WearEver offers washable incontinence underwear for both men and women that can be rewashed up to 250 times. Imagine the money you can save. The average price of a pack of incontinence pads is $14 a pack for about 24 pads. 250 pads would cost over $140.  One pair of WearEver’s incontinence panties costs just 12.99. And a 3 pack is just 34.99. That’s a big savings as well as a huge help to the environment.  
These undergarments offer soft, silky nylon with Agion antimicrobial fibers that eliminate odors. They have a waterproof outer layer for double protection. They also offer maximum coverage.

The sewn in absorbent panel keeps you dry and offers all day protection.  Simply toss them in the wash and use over and over. You can even receive free shipping on all 6 pack orders.

Even if you only have occasional problems like some of us do after childbirth or even a surgery, these are handy to have. They also offer men’s undergarments.

WearEver also offers incontinence bedding.  These pads are made with absorbent materials and a waterproof liner and can be used on any bed or furniture.  These pads are also great for potty training kids and will keep them dry after night time accidents. They are washable and again will save you money over disposable pads.

Whether you have incontinence needs or are in need of diabetic footwear, WearEver has what you need. Make sure you head over and check out their vast selection.   You can even find them on Facebook or join their newsletter by email to keep up to date on all new products and promotions. 

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Wanna save or even make money on your college textbooks? Review

Are you thinking about going back to school or are you a current student?  The high price of text books is one of the biggest expenses in going to college.  When I decided to continue my education a few years back, I was shocked to see how the price of textbooks had skyrocketed.  I had to pay for school myself with student loans and it was amazing to see that book prices now rivaled tuition fees.  For one class alone, the tuition was $310 while the book fees were $280. I knew I could sell my books back to the campus book store at the end of the term but even that wasn’t much help as those $280 books only got me $60 back.  I knew I had to find a way to considerably cut this cost.

I began searching the Internet to see if I could find my textbooks at a more affordable price. I searched through dozens of text book sites, and even tried auction sites  and Big retail chains.  The prices were a bit lower but still not at a comfortable level for me. So my quest continued.

Finally I found .  Renting textbooks is a much more cost saving choice than buying the books outright and has many advantages as well:

  • save 40%-90% off bookstore prices
  • free shipping both ways
  • can highlight in the rented books
  • flexible renting periods
  • each rented book results in a donation to Operation Smile
  • 30 day risk free returns ( great for cancelled classes)
  • Live customer support
  • huge book selection also offers a unique choice called Rent Back. This is a great program that allows you, the student, to rent textbooks that you already own to other students and make some cash for yourself. This option allows you to make 2x-4x the money as just selling your books back to an on campus bookstore. makes the process very easy.  You simply go to their site, type in the ISBN number to see what your book is worth, print a free shipping label and mail it to them and every time your book gets rented, you get paid.  Each semester your book will be rented again for as long as the book is in demand.  Here is a video to show just how easy it is… serves students from over 5800 different campuses and has over a million satisfied customers. Great prices and the option of earning back some money for yourself really sets them apart.  You can even earn more money by referring your friends for their books as well. also gives back!  For every textbook you rent, they make a donation to Operation Smile, a program that offers children around the world free facial surgeries to repair problems such as cleft palates and facial deformities. You can get your books for an amazingly low price, earn some money back for yourself and give to those in need. What more could you ask for?

Make sure you head over to for your next textbooks. College is expensive enough so why not save yourself some money or even earn some back, to use on other expenses. Trust the company that Forbes Magazine called “One of America’s Most Promising Companies”.  You can find them on Facebook and on Twitter. Head over and see how much money you can save at 

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DIY Koolaid lipgloss for your little princess

Here is a great, quick idea for your little girl:

Kool Aid Lipgloss

what you need:

kool aid packets in  any flavor you like
small container with lid  ( empty spice jars are great)
craft supplies to decorate container


Place a small amount of vaseline in a microwavable container and heat it until soft.  becareful not to let it get to liquid. sprinkle in kool aid and stir.

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Free beach towel with Sobe purchase at Target

Right now if you buy 10    20oz bottles of Sobe at Target, you get a free beach towel.  Since this Sobe waters are usually on sale for 1.oo each, you can get 10 bottles and a beach towel for just $10.   See in store for details.

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Kiss the Cook Giveaway Free blogger op

                                                                    Kiss the cook Event!
                                                     Organized by Mom Powered Media
                                                   Rachel Ray Cookware prize package
                                                              event dates 6/3-6/24
                                                                    Sign up here

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Dimples North Carolina BBQ sauce Review

Let me start off by saying I love to cook! My favorite meals to cook are the down home, southern recipes from my family.  If you are anything like me then you have cabinets or a pantry stocked full of spices and sauces that you always keep on hand.  I am especially fond of BBQ and all summer long my husband and I can be found grill side.  One of the hardest things to find is a really great BBQ sauce.  I like mine a little sweet because of my southern roots but it has to have a little bite as well.  In the past I have been sorely let down by most of the sauces I have tried.  

Recently I was given the opportunity to try Dimples BBQ sauce. Dimples is an award winning sauce that is made in the beautiful state of North Carolina! You may know that North Carolina is very well known for it’s BBQ and Dimples leads the pack. It is a refreshing mix of sweet and vinegar that has made everything I have put it on taste amazing! Dimples BBQ sauce has won some mouth-watering honors:

  • 2011 National Barbecue News Sauce of Honor
  • top 10  Man up Texas BBQ  Getting sauced contest
  • The “Q” Review Best of Sauces
  • 2012 Peak City Pig Fest 2nd place
  • National BBQ Festival: 1st place Tomato Mild

Dimples is not only a great BBQ sauce but it is a great dipping sauce as well.  My husband is as picky as I am about sauces, maybe more so, but he took one taste of this barbecue sauce from the bottle and loved it. He isn’t usually won over so fast so I knew it had to be one of a kind.

The first time I used Dimples BBQ sauce was on a slow roasted beef roast. I love making BBQ beef sandwiches and this sauce made them even more savory. I slow cooked the beef for 6 hours then drained all the juices out and pulled apart the roast.  I added the BBQ sauce and some chopped onion and then let it cook on low for 30 minutes more.  The aroma wafting through my house had my husband asking over and over, ” Is it done yet?” . The meat was placed on rolls and some provolone cheese added and we had an amazing meal! I even snuck back in the kitchen to add a little more sauce to mine.

The next meal I decided on was chicken.  I placed my chicken breasts in my cast iron skillet with some olive oil and onions and let them cook on low for about 90 minutes, constantly turning them. At the 60 minute mark, I brushed on Dimples BBQ sauce to each side of the chicken breasts. Within a couple of minutes of that sauce hitting the hot cast iron it began to caramelize and the smell made my stomach rumble.  Just before the chicken was done, I added another glazing, checked the internal temp of the chicken ( should be cooked to at least 165 degrees) and turned the heat up to quickly sear them.  I added mac and cheese and some good ole green bean casserole and voila!    Another amazing meal.  There is just something about the right barbecue sauce and a piece of chicken! The only problem I had was that after the two meals my beloved sauce was empty. There is nothing sadder than an empty BBQ sauce bottle.  So I will be ordering some more to stock my pantry.

You can purchase Dimples BBQ sauce online or if you live in North Carolina, they have a list of retailers where you can pick some up.  They even have a location here in Michigan. You can choose the 16oz bottle or upgrade to a 64oz choice.  Can you guess which one I will be buying? You can buy 1 bottle or 10 or more and with each extra bottle they offer shipping discounts. You can even purchase Dimples gear like t-shirts and mugs.   If you are looking for some recipes with a touch of southern charm, Dimples has some amazing choices in their recipe section 

Whether you want an amazing sauce for your own kitchen or want to give an inspiring chef a great gift, Dimples North Carolina BBQ is a choice that can’t be beat.  You can also find Dimples on Facebook,  Twitter and on Pinterest.  

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Delias Free shipping offer ends today

Through today you can get free shipping on any order from Delias!! No minimum purchase. Use code WEEKEND at checkout. This is a great site for summer clothes for girls and juniors.  They have $10 tops and shorts  and with free shipping that can add up to some great savings!

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