Citrus Clear Tangerine Tingle All Natural Skin Care Review

19 May

I am someone who is always looking for a great new, skin care product that is all natural. A lot of products on the market today claim all natural ingredients but in reality, you will often find things in them that you just do not want on your skin.  As I have gotten older I have become very aware of the products I use on my skin and how they will affect the health of my skin, the look of my skin and how I feel about myself.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try a new all natural skin care product from Citrus Clear. It is called Tangerine Tingle. After looking into the product, I was jumping at the chance to try it.  Tangerine Tingle can be used as an exfoliant or a facial mask.  My first time trying it I used it as an exfoliating wash. I simply washed my face with warm water then applied the product over my entire face using a circular motion with my hands.  I have to say the scent alone had me hooked. It is a wonderful citrus scent and citrus always reminds me of clean.  The tingling sensation is amazing and makes you feel like you are getting a spa treatment. After a few minutes of rubbing the Tangerine Tingle into my skin, I used a warm washcloth to rinse my face clean.  I was so surprised at how my skin felt so instantly better, smoother and more radiant.

Using an exfoliant is an important part of any skin care regimen. Not only does this process remove dead skin cells and pollutants, it acts as a buffer for your skin, leaving it shiny and smooth. It also helps rebuild cells that help with aging. Who doesn’t want cleaner, brighter, more youthful looking skin?  I know I want it!!  This product has now become a standard part of my skin care routine each and every day.  I use the Tangerine Tingle then my moisturizer and skin tightener products. I am so happy with the way my skin is feeling and looking.  Age wreaks havoc on your skin and I for one will do anything I can to fight it every step of the way.

 You can see in the picture below how it will look on your skin.
I know I may look like an oompa lumpa but it feels amazing! 

You may choose to use this product as a facial mask too. You simply leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse clean. The scent and feel of this product on your skin is intoxicating.  I am in love! The best part of this product is it’s all natural ingredients. Harsh chemicals are replaced by soothing products like Aloe, Organic herbs and essential oils.  You will feel great about using this product, morning and night!

Citrus Clear offers other all natural skin care items as well:

  • Control antibacterial acne wash
  • Control moisturizer
  • Grapefruit acne spot treatment
  • Sensitive face wash
  • Sensitive moisturizer
  • Control acne kit
  • Sensitive skin facial kit
and more.
Whether you need these items for yourself or are giving them as a gift, everyone who uses them will be as hooked as I am. A product that works, smells great and leaves your skin feeling the best it ever has, what more could you ask for? 
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