WearEver Buster Brown 3pk cotton socks Review

29 May

I have found that as I have gotten older and a little less active than I like, I have begun to notice that I have some circulation problems, especially in my feet and legs.  I have had to have knee surgery and that hasn’t helped the situation either.  I have tried compression stockings and sleeves that haven’t helped much or at all and one pair even caused an allergic reaction.  

Recently I was given the opportunity from WearEver to try Buster Brown 100% Cotton Anklet socks.  These socks have no elastic and no synthetic fibers that allow for much better circulation.  In the past I have tried other no elastic socks but they seem to slip down and look terrible or cause discomfort.  These socks stay put! Because they are from Buster Brown, you can count on the quality of these socks from such a trusted name.

The Buster Brown cotton anklets are perfect for diabetics and other medical problems that result in circulation problems. They are extremely comfortable and come in a 3 pack in either black or white. You can also find them in  variety of sizes. Men or women could benefit from these socks and they do not have to be rolled down as anklets.

WearEver is based in North Carolina and offers a wide variety of products for wellness needs and has a 3 point philosophy:

  • Consistent quality and performance
  • Fashionable and stylish designs
  • Attractive pricing
WearEver offers washable incontinence underwear for both men and women that can be rewashed up to 250 times. Imagine the money you can save. The average price of a pack of incontinence pads is $14 a pack for about 24 pads. 250 pads would cost over $140.  One pair of WearEver’s incontinence panties costs just 12.99. And a 3 pack is just 34.99. That’s a big savings as well as a huge help to the environment.  
These undergarments offer soft, silky nylon with Agion antimicrobial fibers that eliminate odors. They have a waterproof outer layer for double protection. They also offer maximum coverage.

The sewn in absorbent panel keeps you dry and offers all day protection.  Simply toss them in the wash and use over and over. You can even receive free shipping on all 6 pack orders.

Even if you only have occasional problems like some of us do after childbirth or even a surgery, these are handy to have. They also offer men’s undergarments.

WearEver also offers incontinence bedding.  These pads are made with absorbent materials and a waterproof liner and can be used on any bed or furniture.  These pads are also great for potty training kids and will keep them dry after night time accidents. They are washable and again will save you money over disposable pads.

Whether you have incontinence needs or are in need of diabetic footwear, WearEver has what you need. Make sure you head over and check out their vast selection.   You can even find them on Facebook or join their newsletter by email to keep up to date on all new products and promotions. 

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