Vejibag Organic cotton produce bags Review & Giveaway

06 Jun

One of my major goals in life is to save money. If I am constantly throwing out wilted and spoiled food, then it’s impossible to reach that goal.  Every week I dredge through the grocery store and purchase my weekly fruits and veggies. One of the biggest thorns in my side is ruined produce! Each week I throw away over half of what I purchased for that week , due to wilting, slimy food.  

Over the years I have tried keeping baking soda in the fridge and it does help to a degree with some foods but not all.  I also have put a fridge purifier on a shelf in the fridge but again , it helped to a degree but not so much with the produce.  Plastic bags and  plastic food storage containers are also a poor attempt at saving my fresh produce.  After trying all of this things I had become resolved that nothing was going to help.

I was recently given the opportunity to try a new product, Vejibag. Vejibag is a 100% organic cotton bag that is designed to keep your veggies fresher for a week or more. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first because of all of the products I had already wasted money on that just did not work. These bags are hand crafted by women in Maine and I love that they are made in the USA products.These bags are super easy to use:  Wet the bag and wring the excess water out, rinse your veggies and place them in the bag and then place them in the fridge.  Once the bag gets dryer, just simply re wet it! 

I placed stalks of green onion in my Vejibag as soon as I got home from the grocery store. As I used them throughout the week they were definitely fresher than they have been in any other product I have tried. After 1 week I used half of the last stalk and it was still as fresh as when I purchased it.  The only problem I had was a couple days later I had let the bag get dry and the last small piece did wilt some, but again, that was my fault. Vejibags work by creating a humid environment that keeps produce crisp and fresh and is also great for fresh herbs. I also learned something new from their website. If you forget to keep the bag wet, you can take your produce and soak it in lightly warm water for about 15 minutes, gently shake them and then return them to the Vejibag and you will magically have crisp veggies once more.

I also love that by using Vejibags, I am keeping plastic bags out of my trash and out of landfills. It is a much greener choice and since my family and I have decided to try to do our part for the environment, Vejibags is a great addition to our home.  Not only are Vejibags great for the environment, they also help out US cotton farmers.

Caring for these bags is a snap too. Simply wash them inside out in either hot or cold water and you can dry them in the dryer or air dry them. To sanitize them or if the bag gets stained, you can make your own, environmentally friendly stain remover to clean them:

  • 1/2 cup  3% hydrogen peroxide
  • 2 tbsp Arm &  Hammer washing soda
Add enough hot water to the solution to cover the bag and let sit for 24 hours.

One Vejibag costs just $16 or you can buy a 3 pack for $42. They also offer a bigger size bag as well.
I sat down and figured out the savings by purchasing these bags:  1 box of slide lock plastic bags costs 2.99 for 10-12 bags. I purchase a lot of produce each week so I generally use a box a week or more. A years worth of bags at 1 box per week is $155 a year. That does not even include the loss of money from spoiled produce which in my case probably more than exceeds $200 a year.  These bags can be used over and over again for years to come. This results in huge savings and let’s face it, in these times we all want to save money.

You can find Vejibag on Facebook , Twitter and on Pinterest where you can keep up to date with any new products or promotions.  If you want to save money, head over to Vejibags and get a few for yourself!

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