Simple snack that’s even great for Weight watchers

02 Nov

I am always trying to find simple, easy snacks that are Weight Watchers friendly. This unlikely one comes from my son in law who was raised in Virginia and it’s a family dish they serve with dinner.  I eat it as a snack.    When you hear the ingredients, you might say ” what the heck”  but it is soooooo good and better yet EASY.  

You simply boil 3 eggs and then let them cool before peeling.

In a bowl, tear up some lettuce into small pieces.  ( I use a cup worth)

Stir in 2 tbs of low fat  hellmanns mayo and mix thoroughly

after peeling the eggs, remove the yolks and discard.  slice the egg whites into the lettuce mixture and mix again.  I add a little salt and pepper.  Voila!! You are done.   

Weight watchers points plus allows 3 egg whites for 1 point
The mayo if using 2 tbsp  is 2 points,  the lettuce is zero points so you  have a 3 point snack or even a side dish with dinner.  Try it, you’ll love it!!

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