How do you feel about Black Friday shopping?

08 Nov

I know that my opinion will probably not be the popular one but I hate Black Friday shopping.  The ridiculously early start, the rude crowds and standing in the cold are just not my cup of tea.  In my opinion, Black Friday has become a frenzied race to a store that promises a huge discount on that must have toy of the season, only to find out the store only ever had 10 of them and there is 150 people in line so let the debauchery ensue.  Pushing, shoving , racing through aisles at 4 am trying to beat the person behind you in line to that deep discounted DVD player or flat screen TV.  

How do we go from a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends where we are supposed to be giving thanks for all of the blessings we have received, to pushing a wobbly, wheeled cart through a store that is filled beyond legal capacity, competing for anything and everything we can find? And now, stores are touting that they will be open on Thanksgiving to give shoppers a jump start to their shopping frenzy. I can’t even begin to imagine why anyone would want to leave the comfort of their home where they are surrounded by good food, family and friends to rush out on a Holiday that’s all about family,to race strangers to a prize. 

I just cannot wrap my head around this tradition.  Stores have the public right where they want them: held hostage to deep discounts and savings galore.  Who started this Black Friday thing?  Here is the background on Black Friday….

Originally the term Black Friday was started in Philadelphia where the term was used to describe the huge amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on the streets the day after Thanksgiving as far back as 1961. Then it was known as the day that retailers started to make a profit or were ” in the black”. The first retailers that took advantage of Black Friday, started by opening their doors at 6 am.  As time wore on, that time got earlier and earlier with 5 am and even  4 am. In 2011, an extreme turn happened and retailers began sales at midnight. In 2012, Walmart was one of the first to announce they would open their doors at 8 pm on Thanksgiving day! This prompted a walkout by workers. Black Friday shopping day has higher incidents of aggressive behavior, assaults and even shootings than any other shopping day of the year. People have even been trampled.  Is any shopping experience worth any of this?  In my opinion, NO.

I just can’t give my business to stores that are so greedy they force their employees to work on Thanksgiving.  I remember the days when not even a gas station was open on a holiday. The world didn’t end because you couldn’t go buy Christmas ornaments for 90% off on Thanksgiving.  Everyone deserves to be with their family on the holidays. 

Now I know a lot of people completely enjoy Black Friday and I say more power to you but I won’t be among your ranks.  I wish you a safe shopping trip and I hope you get the deals your looking for.  Me?  Ill be in my PJ’s, sipping hot chocolate and eating a piece of pumpkin pie.  I will be browsing through online deals that are just as good if not better than in store while my uncombed hair slips into my eyes as I reach for another cup.  No crowds, just me and my laptop lazily browsing for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers on my own time.  No lines, no pushing or shoving,  unless my husband tries to take my pie  and complete comfort in my warm jammies with my snuggie wrapped around me.

I would love to hear your opinions on Black Friday!  Maybe you have a story to tell about a shopping trip.  Let’s talk !

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