Junior Varsity Naturals Kids Deodorant Review

11 Nov

My five year old grandson is with me just about every day.  He loves to help around the house with chores and wants to do everything his nana does.  Most things I don’t mind him doing. When I am doing my hair, he is right there combing his too. When I am applying my makeup, he grabs brushes and helps himself to empty containers that I have kept for him to use.  While I am getting dressed is when I usually apply my deodorant.  He always wants to do this too and I have not allowed him to because I am worried about the chemicals, dyes and perfumes being an irritant to his baby skin.  He gets upset when I don’t allow him this one thing in our daily ritual but what am I to do?

After searching the internet for kids deodorants, I came across Junior Varsity Naturals. I decided to read about their company and product. After reading that their deodorant contained absolutely no Parabens, linked to breast cancer,  or Aluminum Chlorohydrate, which may be linked to Alzheimer’s,  or Propylene Glycol , which is used to manufacture antifreeze, I decided this would be perfect for my grandson. One thing that caught my attention with this product is that adults can use it as well.

Now my little one is shall we say, very active and sweats a lot!  I wanted him to be able to have a deodorant of his own that would not harm him but he would love to use along side his nana.  Kids can have body odor and let’s face it, it’s hard enough to be a kid these days as other children can be cruel. Odor can be caused from sweat, biology and even the foods they eat.  Now my grandson can smell fresh all day long without any worries.  I even tried it myself and it lasted just as long as my regular deodorant, which surprised me.  You can choose from:

  • Boys Unscented
  • Boys Citrus sport
  • Girls Unscented
  • Girls Cherry Blast
I love having the choice of scented or unscented. The boys citrus sport is the one he likes the best.  He sniffs it every time he puts it on and then goes around the house having everyone smell him.  It’s a soft scent so it doesn’t smell like a perfume. It just smells clean.  It also does not leave white marks behind. This is THE reason I like it for myself.  Each deodorant is 2.25 ounces and costs just 6.99!  

Junior Varsity Naturals kids deodorant is perfect for your child to take in his back pack or gym bag.  After gym class in grade school, we know there are no showers but your child can discreetly reapply in the bathroom.  It’s perfect for sporting events and even camping trips. 

If your looking for an all natural deodorant for your child, make sure you head over to Junior Varsity Naturals where you can read the reviews and decide for yourself.  You can also find them on Facebook where you can like their page and keep up to date on the latest promotions.
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