4 Marriage tips from Duck Dynasty’s Jep & Jessica

17 Nov

I am a huge fan of Duck Dynasty and the message they convey!  A christian family on television is refreshing sight!  I love how real the characters are and how committed to God and family they are! Most of us could use a little more of this!  Jep & Jessica have been married for 12 years and share a few tips on a happy marriage:

  • Be loyal to your spouse:  Even though commitment seems to be a thing of the past, be committed to each other, always!
  • Forgive your spouse!:  Remember that God forgave you your past and your failings, do the same for your spouse. Never be too stubborn to say I’m sorry.
  • Respect your spouse!: Showing respect can make or break your spouses confidence. A look, a smirk, or even the tone of your voice can speak volumes, Lift your spouse up not break them down.
  • Cherish your spouse: especially when we have kids, we can forget to nurture our spouse and our relationship. We get so busy that we forget each other. Go above and beyond to try to spend quality time together.  Make a date night!

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