Hoo Rag Review

24 Nov

I have always been a fan of headbands, bandannas and scarves. I love having a quick way to make my hair look cute without out the endless time in the bathroom primping and prepping. I am always on the go and need products that will keep up with me.  Even though I love having these items on hand, it gets to be a bit much when I have ten or twelve of them lining my precious bathroom cabinet space. Wouldn’t it be great if one item could take the place of all of those things?

I was recently introduced to Hoo Rags.  What is a Hoo Rag you ask?  The Hoo Rag can be worn in place of bandannas, scarves etc and has many personalities.  Here are the ways to wear a Hoo Rag:

  • As a pony tail rag; Use it in place of a standard hair band
  • As a face rag on cold days while outside
  • As a headband
  • As a balaclava rag
  • As a sports band around the forehead
  • As a neck rag 
  • As a pirate rag
  • As a neck warmer
At the end of this review will be a video that shows you just how versatile Hoo Rag is!  

I received the Proper Black Paisley Hoo Rag! It is a seamless, stretch 100% polyester microfiber,  that can easily and quickly be turned into whatever need you have. This first time I tried it, I wore it as a head band.  When I am cleaning around the house I like to have my hair out of my face.  The Hoo Rag kept it back the entire time. I also have a problem with wearing standard headbands as after a while they tend to give me a headache. I did not have this problem at all with my Hoo Rag.  During a workout, I also want my hair in check and by using it as a sports/sweatband, it not only keeps the hair out of my face but wicks up the sweat as well.

I live in Michigan where it gets real cold, real fast. When I bundle up to leave the house I always have my hat, scarf and gloves. Long scarves always seem to get in my way, especially when driving. I have caught mine in the car door, or have had to pick it up after it falling off. While using my Hoo Rag as a scarf for my neck, I don’t have these problems.  It can be wrapped in one loose layer around my neck and stays put for snug warmth.

My husband and I are Harley riders and I have used bandannas to wrap around my head like a do rag or pirate rag, underneath my helmet to try to keep my hair from becoming a victim of helmet hair.  The difficulty  I have with this is that with a bandanna, somewhere on your head you have to tie a knot to keep it in place. This is not very comfortable when wearing a motorcycle helmet.  With my Hoo Rag I simply followed the video instructions and voila! a simple, comfortable way to keep my hair tamed.

My son is a hunter and  here in the North, it’s cold.  So wearing a balaclava to keep his head warm is a necessity. If you don’t know what a balaclava is, it’s sort of like a ski mask that keeps your entire head and neck and lower face covered by leaving above the nose exposed. It keeps you from breathing in that extreme cold and since Hoo Rag comes in a wide variety of prints and colors, hunters can choose camo or hunter orange.  
I am sure you can find your own uses for Hoo Rag too!  They have an amazing choice of colors and prints to choose from. I want more to be able to match them to my outfits and moods and since they offering FREE US shipping, I can! You can find Hoo Rags on Facebook and You Tube so make sure you follow them to keep up on the latest products and promotions.  Hoo Rags make great Holiday gifts so head over and browse.  Have a company or event you want to promote? Hoo rag can take your logo and make your company stand out! Make sure you sign up for their newsletter too!
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