Holiday Traditions you can start with your family

25 Nov

For me, the holidays are all about family and traditions.  We have a few that have always been a part of our holidays:
Every year the kids, who are now adults, get a new pair of pajamas to wear on Christmas morning.
every year the handmade ornaments the kids made while in school, hang in the same place on the tree.
Christmas morning, before opening gifts, we all sit down to a homemade breakfast!

Here are a few ideas to incorporate into your holidays!

1 Organize a cookie exchange or make it a party!

2  Make a gingerbread house with your family

3 Go caroling!

4 Hop in the car and head out for a leisurely drive to check out the holiday lights.

5 Deliver cookies to your neighbors or a nursing home or children’s hospital

6 Go sledding or Ice skating.

7 Create a holiday playlist either on CD or MP3 and include favorites from each family member.

8 Start an I am thankful list and have every member write down what they are thankful for and turn it into a craft project.

9  Write a letter to Santa

10 Volunteer as a family at a Soup Kitchen.

11  Deliver Treats to your local fire station.

12. Start a gag gift tradition.  Make a spending limit of less than $5 and make it funny.

13. Make Reindeer food and toss it on the lawn Christmas eve for Santa’s Reindeer.

14. Track Santas progress around the world on NORAD

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