ADK Packworks Pack Basket Review

04 Dec

                          ADK Packworks PackBasket

For me, no shopping trip is fully complete without my reusable tote bags. I try to use them every trip but like many others, I sometimes leave them behind.  I hate coming home with all of those wasteful plastic bags that do nothing but clutter my kitchen. I have recently started purchasing the more expensive and durable totes from companies I find along the way but it gets very expensive.  Although I love using these sturdier totes for my shopping trips, I just can’t justify the cost.  That was until I was introduced to ADK Packworks’ PackBasket. I am absolutely in love with this tote. 

I received the PackBasket in green, which is a beautiful color. It included a thermal insert where I can carry my fridge and freezer items without worrying about them melting into a pile of goo no matter what the weather is like outside. It simply slips right into the PackBasket and even zips up, leaving you space for your other items.  One of the features it has that I didn’t even know I was missing is a shoulder strap! I never realized how much easier using a shoulder strap is! It takes the weight off my wrists and hands and is much more comfortable to carry on my shoulder.  The strap is adjustable so anyone in my family can easily use it. It also has a fold out, metal frame bottom  that makes it easy to carry even 2 liter bottles.

Another feature I didn’t realize I was doing without using those other bags was a topper lid.  This makes a world of difference. It easily lays on top of the Pack Basket and has a draw string grip to hold it in place.  How many times have you had your groceries in the car and on a quick stop or turn you hear them fall out and roll around in the back? I know this has happened to me a lot!  With this topper my groceries will stay where they belong, in the bag!

The day I received this PackBasket I headed to the grocery store for a few items I needed for dinner. Well we all know we usually end up with more items than we intended.  I also bought ice cream and butter that were impulse buys, as well as a few other items. When I got up to the cashier all eyes were on my new PackBasket. The cashier even asked me where I got it as she had never seen one like this before. The bagger was shocked at how much this bag held and kept asking me if it was going to be too heavy. I assured him it was fine and to my amazement, it was.  Even though the bag was completely full, the shoulder strap made for easy carrying. With my perishables safely tucked in the insulated bag and the topper on my PackBasket, I placed it in the car and made it all the way home without losing one item out of the bag.

The PackBasket is available in different colors:

  • Green
  • Grey
  • Light Gray
  • Red
  • Cranberry.

Your purchase includes the topper in the same color as you choose. The insulated cooler liner can be purchased separately as well as the strap pad and additional toppers.  The PackBasket includes the strap that can be used in several different ways:
  • Over the shoulder
  • double handled
  • backpack
It is a nylon bag so it’s sturdy and strong and can be easily cleaned.

I started thinking about all of the uses I could find for the PackBasket. I can easily see them being used as a permanent fixture in the trunk of my car. I keep emergency items in there and this tote would keep them organized for me. I could keep my extra blanket, flashlight, extra gloves and hat and more in it and have a cleaner trunk space.  I also love to do DIY projects around the house. The PackBasket would be great for keeping my supplies in and I wouldn’t have to search for what I need.

After looking through my grandson’s bedroom closet, I realized the PackBasket would make a great organizational item there too. After stepping on legos and army men one too many times, all I would have to do is throw them in the tote and set it neatly in his closet!  

I received an invitation to a House warming party where the recipients asked only for household supplies like toilet paper, trash bags, cleaning supplies and things like that. I started thinking that the PackBasket would be perfect. Not only would I be giving them the supplies they need but I could neatly arrange them in the tote and voila! The perfectly wrapped gift for new homeowners!  This could be done with any occasion, baby showers, wedding gifts and so much more. You are only limited by your imagination~!

I know you could find as many uses for the PackBasket as I have and will love them as much as I do. Whether it’s for yourself or someone on your shopping list, PackBasket makes the perfect gift!
You can find ADK Packworks on Facebook and on Twitter  where you can follow them and keep up to date on the latest products and promotions.

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