Do you want a Soda Stream for Just $50???

08 Dec

I have a soda stream soda maker and I love it. My favorite is the peach green tea~  Every flavor ( and I have tried about 30 so far) is amazing and better than the original.  The diet cola is delish!

Do you want a Soda Stream for less than $50?  If you are a new customer to HSN, Home Shopping Network, then you can!!

They have it listed for $108.40 and is on sale for $69.95 which is a great price too but here is how you get it lower.  If you are a brand new shopper to HSN then you can use the code 139792 and at checkout the Soda Stream will be just $49.95 and the shipping is FREE.

This includes:

Soda Stream Maker
The CO2 cartridge
1 liter carbonating bottle
1/2 liter bottle each  Ocean Spray cranberry mix
Cran raspberry
cran grape
sample sizes in   
diet cola 
lemon lime
root beer
diet pink grapefruit’and energy drink ( like red bull)

This is an amazing price for all of this!!!

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