Shoplet Master Caster Products Review!

29 Dec

I have been a member of Shoplet for quite awhile now and have been more than happy with every product I have received and used.  I love finding products that make my life easier and more comfortable and Shoplet allows me to do just that!

I recently received the Master Caster SMARTer Dual Action Microfiber gloves. I did not realize how much I really needed these until I had them. They are lint free, static free and odor free and work perfectly to clean my smart phone touch screen as well as my laptop screen without scratching them.  They are perfect for using my phone outside in the cold weather and keep my hands warm as well as allow me to use my touch screen while my fingers are covered and warm.  They are made of polyester and are unisex as well as perfect for right hand or left hand users and at just $6.96 a pair they are perfect for all budgets.

  These gloves make it easy to clean my screens, use my phone in even the coldest temperatures without having to remove my gloves and look great too!

I also received the Master Caster Rolling Wrist Rest and I Love it!  I suffer from fibromyalgia and sometimes being on my computer causes the pain to flair even more than usual.  With the Wrist Rest, I can comfortably rest my hand and wrist and use my mouse in comfort. It is ergonomically designed to reduce joint stress and ease strain on your hand and wrist while clicking through your favorite sites! The 360 degree rolling action allows you to easily move from mouse to keyboard without lifting your wrist. The padded
material used is memory foam.

I love that it keeps my wrist and hand stable and in one place as I use my mouse and alleviates the overuse of my wrist and keeps the pain from getting worse as I work.

I love that you can use this at home or take it with you to the office. I would even imagine it would great to use on a flight while using your computer.  Anything to help me from feeling more pain is perfect for me. The Wrist Rest cost just $9.90 and is an amazing deal!  These would make great gifts for anyone you know that spends time on a computer!

The final product I received is one I have seen advertised on TV but never really believed it could work they way they say it would.  The Master Caster Restor-it Furniture Touch Up Kit is perfect for anyone that has wood furniture, paneling, framing or more in their home.  I love to find vintage pieces of furniture at thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales but usually they have a few little nicks or scratches on them. I don’t usually care too much as sometimes that just adds charm but the bigger scratches I think takes away from the look of the  piece. I love that I can also use it on cabinets and doors and it super simple to use and there is not big mess like their is from trying to re stain a piece.  I simply choose the color I need and I am all set to go. You can fill in scratches, holes and cracks in a breeze. You get 5 touch up markers and 3 filler sticks to choose from so you can repair anything from oak to cherry.  

I really want our original hardwood floors in our home but they do have some nicks and scratches but I love the original look. Now I can keep them and make them look great! I bought a coffee table from a nearby thrift store a few months back and love it but it does have some very noticeable nicks.  Below is the before and after photo. I was amazed!

Shoplet offers a wide assortment of products.  If you need to promote a business or event head over and browse their Promotional Products. You can also browse through their Promotional Shirts that are a great way to advertise. Shoplet also offers amazing pricing on Office Stationary for any need!

You can find Shoplet on Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , Google  and on You Tube where you can follow them and be first to hear about new products and promotions.

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