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Aquasana Countertop Water Filtration System Review

I am someone who drinks a lot of water! It is really the only thing I drink with the exception of home-brewed ice tea. The water in my area is not very tasty from the tap so I have tried product after product to bring me the filtered water I want. I have tried filtered pitchers and bottles and they are expensive and the filters can cost as much as the unit itself. I have tried the systems that attach to your faucets and have found that they are either ridiculously hard to install, they leak or just don’t work. I have also bought bottled water but hate that all of that plastic can end up in landfills but in a pinch, it’s the easiest and cheapest way to go.

Countertop system

Recently I was given the opportunity to try Aquasana’s  Countertop Water Filter system. When I took it out of the box, I expected to see a million little pieces to put together but there was not. This system has just a few pieces, and some of them I didn’t even need, like the washer fittings, because it fit my faucet right out of the box. My son-in-law was on hand to install it for me but after seeing how easy it was, I was a bit embarrassed that I had asked him to do it. He simply pushed the two pieces of tubing that are color coded, one white and one blue, into the correct spots on the bottom of the system. He then attached the fitting to my faucet and it was done. The only other thing I had to do was let the water run through it for about 10 minutes.
After I had let it run its allotted time, I grabbed a glass from the cupboard and had a taste of pure filtered water right from my tap. It tasted delicious. The only don’t to this system is that you do not run hot water through it. The filter lasts about 6 months so I am only changing it twice a year and that is perfect for me. It is also not a permanent system and can quickly be removed. The Countertop System comes in different colors: white, black and brushed silver. I chose the black as I just think it looks sleeker. It is a small size and hardly takes up any room on my counter. I have very limited counter space and love that this fits nicely.

Aquasana’s Countertop Water Filter filters 60 contaminants, including chlorine, and lasts for 6 months or 450 gallons before it needs a new filter. This equals out to .11 a gallon and you sure can’t get that price in store-bought water. It is a low flow, .5 gallons per minute so that no water is wasted. They also offer under counter systems, shower filters, filtration pitchers, whole house systems, water bottles and all of your filter needs.

Did you know that bottled water companies do not have to put the level of purity on their products? Home filtration systems have to do this. In some states it is unlawful to not have this information on the product. Bottled water,by  FDA guidelines, only has to be as pure as your tap water and these guidelines only apply if your water has traveled over state lines. I was surprised to learn this. I always thought bottled water was supposed to be purer and cleaner than my own tap!

If you are looking for a great way to bring pure, filtered water to your family, then check out Aquasana products! You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and on You Tube.  Like them on social media and keep up to date with all of their new products and promotions.

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Soulfully Sweet Cookie Giveaway

Here is another great giveaway brought to you by an amazing group of bloggers!  Make sure you enter to win these delicious treats!
Soulfully Sweet Cookies Giveaway
Soulfully Sweet was created to make gourmet baked goods that are healthier for you and taste incredibly good….soulfully good. They believe that food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and everyone should be able to enjoy fantastic tasting, baked goods. That’s why they only use natural and organic ingredients. There is no wheat  or soy and all of our Soulfully Sweet products are gluten-free and a Non-GMO product.
Read the full review at Queen of Savings here.
Prize: 2 Packages of Soulfully Sweet Cookies
Dates: 1/29-2/12
Open to: US Residents 18+
Enter to win using the Giveaway Tools Widget below. Good luck!


Couponfreestuff did not receive any compensation and is not responsible for prize fulfillment!
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Campbells New Skillet and Crock Pot Sauces Make Dinner Time A Breeze!

I love to cook but I am also busy, just like everyone else is these days. I want a home cooked, nutritious and delicious meal for my family but I don’t always have the time with my busy schedule. Campbells new Skillet and Crock Pot sauces make dinner time super easy when you don’t have the time to cook from scratch!i

I have always been a fan of Campbells from as far back as I can remember and these new sauces are just what I would expect from a trusted name like Campbells.  If I had to pick a favorite Crock Pot Sauce it would be the Tavern Style Pot roast with mushroom and garlic.  I am not sure of the name because I have never had a pot roast from a tavern or bar that tasted this amazing but the flavor is superb! 

If I had to choose a favorite skillet sauce I guess I would say The Marsala would be it. The flavors are just simply amazing with a hint of garlic and mushroom and my family just loves it. There are no leftovers when I make my dinners with Campbells Sauces. 

   If you are looking for an easy, delicious way to feed your family tonight, stop and pick up some Campbells! Head over to their website and get your 1.00 off coupon.

As a member of CrowdTap, I often get to sample awesome new products! I love being a member and being able to give my opinion on these products is another plus for me.  
I chose to sample the products above and I made the right decision because my family couldn’t get enough of either one.  

First I made the Tavern Style Pot roast. Recently my much beloved and over worked crock pot went to kitchen gadget heaven so I cooked my roast slow and low in the oven.  The scent that drifted through my house made my mouth water and kept my family asking ” is it done yet?”.  I added potatoes and carrots to my slowly simmering roast.  

The roast came out of the oven so tender it fell off the fork. The sauce is thick and gravy-esque and tastes sinful when lying atop a mountain of creamy potatoes.  I am not a fan of carrots but with the gravy smothering them, mmmm , what a difference. (My Grandson even got in on the cooking fun !!)

I also made a pork tenderloin using the Apple Bourbon Barbecue! It is amazing!  I love trying new things for my family and keeping dinners fresh and Campbells sauces allow me to do just that!  I wrapped the tenderloin in bacon, because let’s face it, everything is better with bacon. I placed the tenderloin in a pain, poured on the Campbells sauce, covered it and cooked it low and slow and 4 hours later I had tender, sweet pork that was amazing and for the first time in a long time we had no leftovers!

The next time you are looking for an easy dinner with very little prep work, Campbells sauces has got you covered! Try each flavor and you are sure to please even the pickiest eaters in your home!



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A Winter Wonderland of Babies Event Giveaway 1/27-2/14

Mama on a Green Mission

I have teamed up with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you this HUGE event! Having a baby, are you a new parent or know someone who is? This is the perfect giveaway to enter!

A Winter Wonderland Of Babies Event Is HERE! We get to CELEBRATE all the new babies in our lives!

Joy Of Momma Joyner and Mama On A Green Mission are both welcoming their 3rd babies in the next few weeks! Along with a wonderful group of bloggers, they want to offer ONE WINNER an awesome Prize Package full of great items for Mama, Baby, and even for Siblings!

The Prize Package Includes:


Halo – Swaddle – $38
Pish Posh Baby – OiOi Diaper Bag – $130
Undercover Mama – Nursing Tank Top – $25
Boba – 4G Carrier – $128
Live Clean Baby – Tearless Shampoo & Wash, Moisturizing Baby Wash, Moisturizing Baby Lotion, Non-Petroleum Jelly, and Moisturizing Bar Soap – $35
Fairhaven Health – Milkies Milk Saver, Milkies Freeze, and winner’s choice of Nursing Postnatal or the Nursing Blend – $90
Making Mama’s Milk Cookies – 1 Month Supply Of Cookies – $48
Wink Shapewear – Ultimate Belly and Hip Shaper – $50
Avent – 2 Bottles and Double Electric Breast Pump – $230
Tiny Love – NEW Gymini Developlace – $80
Woolino – Swaddle and Hat – $70
Kolcraft – Contours Clasique 3-in-1 Bassinet – $200
Build A Bear – Gift Card – $25
Envie de Fraises – Nursing Top and 2-pack Nursing Bras – $105
Pink Blush Maternity – Nursing Dress – $35
Kerrific Kerr Online – Burp Cloth Set – $43
Tickety Toc – DVD – $10
Applecheeks – Applecheeks Bundle and Wet Bag – $40
Red Barn Cloth Diapers – AI2 Diaper – $24
I See Me – Hello World Book – $30
Little Me – Sleeper and Coming Home Outfit – $50
Swaddle Designs – Crib Sheet and Ultimate Receiving Blanket – $55
Delta Children – Multi-Bin Organizer – $30
Tommee Tippee – Complete Starter Kit, Pacifiers, Teethers – $118
Wee Urban – Romper – $28
Simple Wishes – Hands Free Pumping Bra – $39

That’s a Total Prize Package Value of $1,756!!

  Ready to enter? It’s simple! Just fill out the Giveaway Tools Form below. There are plenty of entry options, and the more you do, the better your chances of winning are!

The A Winter Wonderland Of Babies Event Prize Package is open to all legal residents of the United States who are 18-years-old or older. This event will run from 12:00am EST Monday, January 27, 2014 through 11:59pm EST Friday, February 14, 2014. Best Of Luck! Couponfreestuff did not receive any product or payment for this event and is not responsible for prizes not shipped by sponsors.
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Become A Dining Daredevil in 2014 with

Become a Dining Daredevil in 2014! releases their Hot Food Trends for the New Year

Break free from the same-old dining routine in 2014 and try something new with the help of To help
you start your own dining adventures, has compiled the 3 hottest trends to conquer at local restaurants
near you. Resident trend-guru, President and Chief Marketing Officer Christopher Krohn provided his
predictions that will grace our plate in 2014. With these trends, you're sure to have a spicy year, but only if you dare!

1. Egg-cellent Adventures

While it's hard to determine when this trend ignited, it's definitely picked up pace and could reach its peak of popularity
in 2014. The 'breakfast for dinner' craze and increasing popularity of regional specialties, like Korean Bibimbap and
Mexican Huevos Rancheros, will only grow the trend of egg-y fusions. Plus, there's an emerging sense from the scientific
crowd that eggs are healthier than perhaps you previously thought, which will feed consumer interest in this farm-fresh
favorite. All in all, 2014 will be the year of the egg, so you might as well get cracking!

We dare you: Next time you order a burger or stir fry, ask them to top it off with a fried egg or two. The added protein
will help boost your metabolism and satisfy your hunger!

2. Farm to Fork

Diners' growing eco-awareness and their desire for the wholesome simplicity of home-style cooking and minimally-
processed foods is on the rise. Riding this wave, restaurants are returning to their predecessors' roots, sourcing fresh
produce and natural ingredients and cooking them up in a style that more closely resembles the authentic recipes that
graced Grandma's kitchen table rather than modern, industrial food products.

We dare you: When people hear farm to fork, they immediately think of steamed vegetables, but this trend
encompasses more than just radishes and such. Tender meat alternatives and locally produced cheeses are two items to
look for on the menu. Don't be afraid to order something with a beet or two for an added super food bonus!

3. Tea Time, All the Time

Once confined primarily to Asian restaurants, tea is an increasingly popular beverage. In 2014, you'll find tea used for
novel and surprising purposes. For example, ground teas like matcha and chai can be used as dry rubs and marinades
for beef, chicken or veggies. Tea-smoked salmon and pork will both make headway in the new year, and English-style
tea-time gatherings at local cafes will also be big.

We dare you: To find these tea-fusion meals, take a trip to an Asian fusion restaurant near you and keep an eye out for
tea-smoked pork, ribs, or stir fry. For an added bonus, try one of our other favorite food trends of 2014, a hot sauce like

Feeling brave? Why not tackle the rest of our top food trend list on the blog:
take-a-bite-out-of-2014-hot-food-trends-for-the-new-year Your tummy will thank you!

. Twitter
. Facebook
. Blog post
. Google+: +restaurantcom

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Bare Necessities take an extra 50% off clearance prices!!

Bare Necessities is one of my favorite places to shop for my “unmentionables”.  They have an amazing assortment of bras and underwear. You can even get pajamas! Right now you get an extra 50% off clearance prices!! YEEE HAAA!
Use code SAVEBIG at checkout  This deal ends 1/30/14. 

And for my plus size sisters, heres a link for the same deal!! 

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Posted by on January 25, 2014 in Uncategorized 25% off Printed Items is a great site for all your   printing needs. From business cards  to stickers and labels  you can make your logo into something amazing!  No code needed and this ends 1/27/14.  Growing a business is hard, let get your business name out there!

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