House Of Doolittle Calendars and Planners Review

05 Feb

These days we all lead busy lives.  Between doctor appointments, kids activities and social engagements, it’s difficult to keep them all straight! I usually keep a calendar on the wall in the kitchen where we keep track of everything, or at least try to, but the boxes are so small you can’t write more than one thing on any given day.


Being a member of Shoplet has given me the opportunity to try out planning products from House of Doolittle. The first item I received was the 2014 calendar that is large and can easily be hung on a wall or used as a desk calendar. The large boxes easily allow me to keep track of multiple happenings on any given day! It also has a note section that is great for when I need to add an address to get me to a new Doctor’s office or a kid’s playdate. I also love that it is made with 100% post consumer recycled products.

I also received the Doolittle Business planner that is the perfect size to throw into my purse, backpack or a briefcase. This portable calendar, 7×10,  allows me to keep track of my appointments on the go. I think this item is perfect for students to keep track of assignment due dates as well as exam dates.  This planner is wire bound and features 2 pages per week. It even allows you to keep track of expenses. I love this feature for when I am at a medical appointment and have to pay copays and such. I can easily keep track of them and then I have the numbers handy for tax time. This planner also includes helpful information pages like, time zones, weights and measures, metric conversion and more.


Shoplet also offers everything you need in Office supplies. From ink to paper, stationary needs and more, you will find it all here.  I hate paying ridiculous prices for my office supplies and Shoplet helps me save money and time.

Shoplet can be your go-to shop for all of your business needs:

And so much more!

You can find Shoplet on Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and You Tube where you can follow them and get the latest information on products and promotions! Make sure you check out Shoplet today.

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