6 amazing uses for Silica gel packs ( the ones that come with shoes, purses etc)

23 Feb

I always knew that the silica gel packs that come with purchases like shoes, handbags etc were to wick up moisture but I never realized just how many uses they have. I won’t be throwing mine in the trash anymore, that’s for sure. Remember these gel packs are TOXIC if ingested, so keep away from kids and pets.

1.  Save your cell phone from water damage.  I know everyone has heard of  putting the phone( battery) in a bag of rice but now you can use the gel packs.  put it in a Ziploc bag filled with silica gel packets ( after removing sim card) and leave for a couple of days. You must wait a couple of days because if you try to power up before it is dry, you could short the phone and render it useless.

2.  To help keep photos safe and free from moisture. If you scrapbook or even use photo albums for your pictures and then store them, put a gel pack between the pages while storing to keep moisture away.

3. Keep collectible cards safe. Does someone in your home collect baseball or football cards?Stamps?  Most people store them in boxes.  Simply add some gel packs to the box to keep the moisture from ruining them.

4. Keep important documents safe.  Whether it’s birth certificates or insurance papers. Add a few gel backs to your filing cabinet or safe to keep them moisture free.  I recently did our geneology and even found census records and military records that I want to keep safe.

5. Storage containers   Many of us store our belongings in bins and boxes in basements and garages. Keep those boxes safe by throwing gel packets in each one.

6. Keep Christmas decorations safe   We only pull these boxes out once a year and sometimes some moisture can get in our ruin our priceless treasures.  Add some gel packs before you pack them back up for the year.

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