DIY & Easy tips around the house

24 Feb

288bd6e0-6cae-49cb-8190-4cfb4724b7d9  Awesome way to keep pot lids organized. Simply install a towel rack inside your cabinet door.  I love finding little tips like this one.

7888c045-868f-4e72-be56-7ddfd6751cf2 I especially love the PVC pipe for holding hair dryer and curling iron. I think I would take this one step further and attach it to the wall next to the sink to free up counter space.

28987_402773289818980_1914718511_n How cute and clever is this idea!  Use indoor our outside!!

1011293_447462712016704_1376221477_n We have some old tires in the shed and so want to do this for our grandson!  Super cute way to keep this busy!!

1512631_535391279890513_177856893_n  Yummm  now I can make 8 at a time!!!

1959896_10203351376055345_496945127_n  Melt chocolate in a mug or glass bowl right on your coffee pot!  Quick and easy and less mess!!

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