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24 Feb

I have used this site,, myself in the past and was never happy with any purchase ( I made 2).  The first I ordered was a nautical type blouse that looked so cute.  When I received it, it was the cheapest, flimsiest material I had ever seen. It felt like something that would be sold in a dollar store. After repeated attempts to get a hold of customer service with no answer, I finally gave up. I had paid just $5 for the blouse so I just dropped it.  A few months later they had a deal where you pay $15 for a  $115  gift certificate to   a site that sells hair styling tools.  I purchased it ( I should have checked out the site first but I did not) because my niece had just been talking about needing a new flat iron.  After I purchased the gift certificate, it took more than 3 hours to actually get the code I needed from I finally got it and headed over to the site.  The gift certificate had a lot of  items listed that you could not use it on, for instance you could not use it at all on styling products such us shampoo, mousse etc.  I looked through every flat iron, curling iron and blow dryer and the cheapest one they had of any of the three categories was a whopping $200.  So the item would still cost me $85  plus the $15 I paid no more rack and another $12 for shipping.  RIDICULOUS!!!

Now the BBB ) Better Business Bureau has issued a report giving them a F rating, the lowest possible, after 2,200 complaints in one year!

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