HomeRight Steam Machine Multi Purpose Power Steamer Review

11 Apr

Okay, I have to be perfectly honest: I hate cleaning!!  I know that is not some profound statement because I don’t think I know anyone who loves to clean! But I do try to find any item or product that will make this much-hated chore as easy as it can be for me. Don’t get me wrong now because I do love to have a clean home, I just don’t like being the one who has to do it!

One of my most hated chores is cleaning the bathrooms. I HATE it!! Yes HATE!! In the past I have even offered my children deals if they would clean the bathrooms for me but my lovely children being as smart as they are, didn’t fall for it, so I would gather up my rubber gloves, sponges, bucket and cleansers and head to the domain of my arch rival.  I would be on bended, aching knees, scrubbing around the toilet and tank. I would be a non-willing contortionist  trying to clean the grout on my shower tiles and fixtures. I would use product after product for each different task until a window had to be opened even in the dead of winter to keep me from asphyxiating myself.


All of that self-imposed drama was over the day I was lucky enough to try the HomeRight Steam Machine Multi Purpose Power Steamer!! Now saying this product saved my life would be a bit over dramatic but it definitely changed my cleaning life!! No more toxic chemicals to contend with, no more straining my already sore and tired back and legs as I struggle to get to spots that no one should have to deal with. No more carrying around bulky buckets of water!!

This little wonder uses no harsh chemicals and leaves any surface 99% germ and bacteria free!! The easy to use attachments allows me to clean the floors, toilet, sink, tub and walls with very little effort and no need to open the window! I never have to worry about a chemical residue being left behind for my little one to get on his hands. I love that I can use it on all surface like, linoleum, tile, glass, hardwood and so much more. As the high pressured steam zaps away dirt, grime and germs, the handy cleaning pad wiped them right up with ease! The two-wheeled canister makes for easy movement as you clean!

1465359_10203620220296283_54679310_nIt made easy work of my stove and I have never seen it cleaner!!


This Power Steamer is just as great outdoors as it is indoors! Use this gem to clean patio furniture, decking and even your grill!  Even though we store all of those items for the winter, they always need a good cleaning come spring. The Power Steamer will make short work of those projects too!

This spring we have decided to do some remodeling around the house and in my kitchen is some old, dingy wallpaper border that seriously needs to come down. I hate removing wallpaper of any kind but now that I have the Power Steamer, the job will be a breeze! Again, I don’t have to use chemicals and the high-pressured steam will make it easy to remove.

This is what is included with every Power Steamer:

Included in Box:

  • Wallpaper steam plate
  • Floor steam mop with microfiber cleaning pad
  • Brass brush
  • Two nylon brushes
  • Jet nozzle
  • Squeegee
  • Measuring cup with fill funnel
  • Owners instruction manual

  • Two wheels for easy mobility while working
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • User-controlled trigger to deliver steam to any surface
  • Continuous Steam Lock
  • 205° F at Steam Nozzle
  • 45 PSI at Steam Nozzle
  • 40 minutes of steam time
  • 8 foot hose, reach high or low on your surfaces
  • 8 foot electrical cord for extended reach on projects
  • 1500 Watts
  • 2 Year Warranty

You can also purchase additional accessories for this little wonder!


I know I will find many uses for the Power Steamer for years to come:

  • Steam wrinkled clothing
  • stove and sink in kitchen
  • windows ( inside and out)
  • kids toys
  • blinds
  • kitchen backsplash
  • cabinets

and so much more.


You can head over to the website and find a retailer near you or find an online retailer like Amazon or Home Depot! You can also find HomeRight on Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and on YouTube where you can keep up to date on products and promotions. Head over and check out this amazing product for yourself! I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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