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Rimmell Retro Glam Mascara

I love using mascara! I have tiny, sparse eyelashes that look terrible without mascara to help them out. I usually have a hard time finding a mascara that I like. Recently I was given the opportunity from Influenster to try out the Rimmell Retro Glam mascara and it is amazing. I have to admit I have never really been a huge fan of Rimmell but this product has changed my mind. This mascara not only glides on smoothly and looks amazing, there is no clumping!!  YAY! It made my lashes look super long and nice and I love that!

In the pic below one eye is done with Rimmell and the other has nothing. It is a real difference in my opinion.


Another big plus is that when I went to remove my mascara, it came off very easily with my eye makeup remover and had no eyelash breakage.  If you are looking for a mascara that does it all, look no further

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Lucky Mountain Jewels Best $5 jewelry you will ever find

A few years ago I became hooked on Paparazzi jewelry because the prices were so darn low. I don’t think I ever paid more than $8 for a piece. The woman I was buying from on facebook just disappeared one day and I had no one to buy from anymore. That was until one day one of my facebook friends, Lenora Wood, posted that she was now selling Paparazzi Jewelry under her own business name, Lucky Mountain Jewels.  Yay!!! I now had my jewelry connection back but little did I know she had an even greater surprise for me, the pieces are all $5 each!! I was so excited I have already bought 5 or 6 pieces. I love them all!!

I bought a black and white set that is the necklace, earrings and bracelets that I cannot wait to pair with a new black and white sundress I ordered. It is going to look so cute together.  I also bought a chunky orange beaded bracelet, a pair of chunky bead earrings and a flower ring that I get so many compliments on. And Yes they were all just $5!!!!  Image   Cute bracelet isn’t it?   And here are the earrings!!

Image   I Absolutely love every piece!!  

Image   Make sure you head over to her facebook page and check out some amazing jewelry at even more amazing prices.  Her website is new so if you see a piece you want just message her on fb and she will get your order through paypal!!   The pictures do not do them justice!!


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Coobie Bras Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try Coobie Bras,the self-proclaimed, most comfortable bra ever. When I got this opportunity I was especially excited because they offer Full size bras that the website says fits women from a 38A to a 42D-DD.  Most bra companies that I have come across do not offer larger sizes so this was a huge plus for me. I received the Comfort Bra in Brown.It is definitely a cute bra and that made me even more excited because when you are buying full size bras you usually get function not design so it did my heart good to see that the style and color was just what I was looking for. I am a 42 D and the bra fit me perfectly. I will say that if I were any larger, I don’t think it would have and would love to see them expand their full size line.

PicMonkey Collage

The Comfort bra is seamless and most definitely wireless, yay!!  The extra wide, fixed straps stay in place no matter what you are doing. I even slept in the bra and the straps never slid down. This is amazing for me because my shoulders are smaller than they should be for the bra size I wear and every bra I own I end up with straps that constantly fall down my arms.  The bra comes with removable pads but I removed those as I did not need them. The comfortable, stretchy fabric is amazing and breathes well. We are now getting into warmer days and let’s face it ladies, we sweat in our bras. With the Coobie Comfort Bra, I did not sweat at all. Having a larger chest I always have to worry about coverage and support and the Comfort bra delivered on that as well. The support is amazing and looks great in everything I wear. Approximate traditional bra size equivalents are: Small – 30A-34D, Medium – 34-36D, Large – 38-42D, XLarge*- 42-46D. (XL sizes are $2 additional) If you want a slightly “snugger” fit go down a size and if you want a slightly “roomier” fit go up a size. The bras come in amazing colors as well: 

  • Black
  • White
  • Nude
  • Mocha Brown
  • Heavenly Pink
  • Red Velvet
  • Sterling Blue
  • Charcoal

and more.

Coobie bras has many styles to choose from.  You can get the comfort bra like mine, the scoopneck which makes a great t-shirt bra that you can also get matching panties for, the V neck lace trim which works great as a cami too., the comfort bra in lace trim, the lace coverage bra and more. Right now Coobie is offering a great deal. Buy 3 bras and get $20 off with code 320. I know I will be stocking up!! Make sure you head over to their website and browse through the selection. Get some for yourself or even for gifts! These bras would make a great bridal shower or bachelorette party gift. You can also find Coobie on Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and on Instagram where you can keep up to date on their latest products and promotions.


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My Journey to being smoke free

Once I decided to have the bariatric surgery, I found out that the Dr. would not do the surgery unless I was 2-weeks to 30 days smoke free.  What was I supposed to do?  I wanted the surgery badly but I have been a smoker for almost 25 years. I have tried to quit in the past, including both of my pregnancies  and always went right back to it.  I went back and forth in my thinking and wondered how a DR. could legally tell me to quit something that was LEGAL?  I was told they would be doing a urine test before surgery to check.  Then I wondered, do they check for alcohol or illegal drugs because those impede healing as much as smoking does. I still have to find this one out   at my appointment on Wednesday.  I am an adult and if I want to smoke and it’s legal, I should be able to.  I have had 13 surgeries in the past and 1. was never told I had to quit smoking and 2. have never had a problem healing.   I thought a Dr. would know that if you force someone to do something they are not ready for, you have already set them up to fail.   But if I want the surgery, I have to.  I personally know 5 people, all smokers, who have had the surgery.  Guess what?  ALL 5 went back to smoking right after their surgeries. So I guess the success rate of that is not very good.  Well. even though I feel this way, I am quitting and am hoping I can stay quit for good.  This will be a log of my daily journey and hopefully it will help someone else.


Day 1     Last Night at 10 pm was my last cigarette.  It is now 10 am, 12 hours in.  The cravings are there but they are not excruciating right now.   Every time I eat, I want a smoke,  when I get in the car I want one  but it is mild right now.  After much research, everything I have read says drink lots of water, cranberry juice and eat fresh fruits and veggies ti help with the detox.  I have already drank 2 16 oz bottles of water and had a banana.  This is all suppose to aid in getting the nicotine out by flushing the kidneys, which is where the nicotine is broken down by the body. S I will try to help it along.  I have also invested in 2 bags of DumDum suckers  which also seem to help and since they only have like 10 calories each, it’s better than turning to stuffing my face.

Now it is 6 pm and the cravings still have not been terribly bad.  I do find myself thinking about a smoke more than really craving one.  I know I am almost 24 hours smoke free and according to research, my body is already starting to heal itself.  I do feel better and have not coughed at all today ( although I really never had a smoker cough)  We will see what tomorrow brings,

DAY 2   The second day of being smoke free. I woke up thinking about smoking but not a very bad yearning for one.  I got up and got a bottle of water and a banana   and that helped.  I feel a bit sluggish today and just a little bit on edge but not bad.  No one in my family is avoiding me yet lol.  The cravings are few and far between and are worse after meals and things like that but I grab a sucker and I’m good.  My grandson thinks it’s hilarious that nana is walking around with a sucker stick hanging out of my mouth  but it’s working.

Now it’s 8 pm on day 2  and it’s been almost 48 hours smoke free.  We took our grandson out to dinner and it was way smoother than I thought it would be.  I figured I would be crabby  but it was a great time.  Let’s see what day 3 brings,

DAY 3   Okay  this is sooooo not a good day.  I think the cravings are worse today than they were the previous days combined.  All I think about this morning is a smoke, a smoke, a smoke.  I feel extremely fatigued and have absolutely no energy.  It is 10;30 am and I am on my 2 bottle of water and about my 5th sucker. I haven’t had any issues with my anxiety disorder in months but today it has reared its ugly head. Oh it’s gonna be a long day.   I have had so much pain the last few weeks from the pinched nerve in my back and today it even seems that the pain from this is worse too. I think it’s gonna be a lounge in bed and order dinner out type of day.

‘DAY 4     GRRRRR I thought this was supposed to get easier. It is worse everyday!  I go to bed thinking about smoking and wake up thinking about it.  I just feel terrible. I have no energy, I am sick to my stomach and even woke up in the middle of the night because I had vomit in my throat.  I am eating everything that is not tied down and it’s ridiculous. I wish I could have seen and felt what I am going through right now before I started smoking and I know I would never have started. We went over to my moms and the hubby put together the backyard swing we bought her for Mother’s Day and my sister was outside smoking and the smell just about drove me over the edge. I had to move away from her fast.  GRRRRR

Day 5   Today is Mother’s Day.  Still do not feel any better nor is it getting any easier. All I think about is smoking and it’s pathetic. I tried sitting out in the fresh air while my hubby built my garden for me but that didn’t help. I tried yet another sucker and that didn’t help.  My hubby had decided to quit with me so  it would be easier on me but today he caved and bought a pack. He isn’t smoking them in the house but even outside they are a temptation so I came inside. I was shocked that he caved because he is usually the one who can put down a pack and quit for whatever amount of time he wants. But between all of the stress we have going on, my health problems, money problems, etc,, it just got to him and I can understand why.  After all of my research I kept reading that quitting smoking is equivalent to detoxing from heroine. Ok ay then, why is their no rehab center for smokers?  Alcoholics and drug addicts get help and gets meds to help with withdrawal symptoms, smokers don’t. The one med they keep pushing, Chantix, is a real beaut. It causes the worst anxiety ever, I was absolutely evil when I took it and could even feel myself being evil. I had horrific dreams and felt hostile every minute of the day. How is a medicine that can may you suicidal or homicidal ( yes it says this in the literature for the drug) be okay to give someone, unsupervised.  If My hubby had not been here to pull the plug  on that med, I wouldn’t have stopped it myself and who knows what would have happened. The commercial states a 44% success rate of quitting smoking, sorry that is still a low number to put up with all of the side effects and they sure don’t tell you, what percentage of users of this med killed themselves or someone else or done harm to someone. People will say ( and I have heard it all through the years) you chose to smoke so it’s your problem. Yes I did choose this, but alcoholics also CHOOSE to drink and drug addicts CHOOSE to take drugs but we feel bad for them and their “situations” and we get them help. But oh Lord, you are  a smoker?  Here’s how we will help: ban all public smoking! There you go, if you can smoke in public then you will quit right?  WRONG!!! Here is how we help smokers, add more tax on to cigarettes and raise the price!  Yay that really works. I can remember when I said to myself, ” If cigarettes hit $2.00 a pack I am quitting. LOL  now they are up to $7 a pack and we are still buying them.  If alcohol costs rose as steadily as cigarette prices, booze would cost triple what it does now.  I guess I am on a rant because I am tired if wanting a smoke!!!!!



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Shower Me Baby Event Giveaway

Shower Me Button

I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers to bring you this event. MAke sure you stop by the sponsors pages and enter to win some awesome prizes!!⚛

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Recaro Performance Sport Booster Seat Giveaway
I have teamed up with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you this awesome giveaway. Make sure you check out the sponsors and enter to win this prize!!
The RECARO Performance SPORT is an Award-Winning Child Safety Seat in
which meets all new FMVSS 213 Standards. RECARO Performance Series car
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the market which have metal reinforced side walls for racing-inspired,
full body side impact protection. The ultimate protection for your
child! The RECARO
Performance SPORT is fairly slender and can fit three across in most
midsized vehicles. This seat has easy adjustable no re-thread harness
straps, making adjusting the straps as your child grow so much easier!
This seat will truly grow with your child with an upper limit of 65
pounds for harness use and up to 120 pounds in the booster mode! The 65
pounds for harness use accommodates an average 9.5 year old child. My
daughter is 8 years old and a bit on the taller side, she weighs about
85lbs and fits in the RECARO Performance SPORT in booster mode perfectly! In all honesty, she actually asked me to get her her own RECARO Performance SPORT booster seat!
Read Sarh’s full review at Mami’s 3 Little Monkeys.
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