Lucky Mountain Jewels Best $5 jewelry you will ever find

24 May

A few years ago I became hooked on Paparazzi jewelry because the prices were so darn low. I don’t think I ever paid more than $8 for a piece. The woman I was buying from on facebook just disappeared one day and I had no one to buy from anymore. That was until one day one of my facebook friends, Lenora Wood, posted that she was now selling Paparazzi Jewelry under her own business name, Lucky Mountain Jewels.  Yay!!! I now had my jewelry connection back but little did I know she had an even greater surprise for me, the pieces are all $5 each!! I was so excited I have already bought 5 or 6 pieces. I love them all!!

I bought a black and white set that is the necklace, earrings and bracelets that I cannot wait to pair with a new black and white sundress I ordered. It is going to look so cute together.  I also bought a chunky orange beaded bracelet, a pair of chunky bead earrings and a flower ring that I get so many compliments on. And Yes they were all just $5!!!!  Image   Cute bracelet isn’t it?   And here are the earrings!!

Image   I Absolutely love every piece!!  

Image   Make sure you head over to her facebook page and check out some amazing jewelry at even more amazing prices.  Her website is new so if you see a piece you want just message her on fb and she will get your order through paypal!!   The pictures do not do them justice!!


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2 responses to “Lucky Mountain Jewels Best $5 jewelry you will ever find

  1. Lenora Wood

    June 9, 2014 at 3:56 am

    Thank you Krista! 😀



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