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Poise MicroLiners: awesome for LBL

Ever since I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago, I have had a problem with LBL ( Light bladder leakage). I know this happens to a lot of women, especially after giving birth. It is embarrassing and sometimes very hard to deal with emotionally. My biggest fear was being out in public and embarrassing myself.


Once I was given the opportunity to try Poise Microliners as a member of Crowdtap, I was hooked. Not only are they small, lightweight and discreet, they work amazingly!  My hubby and I went to the baseball game on Father’s Day and everyone knows it is either a hike to find the restrooms or there is a long line that keeps you waiting. I wasn’t worried with Poise.  Even though I had to wait a bit longer, I didn’t have to worry about an accident or being embarrassed.

Poise Microliner pads offer absorb-loc core which quickly wicks away wetness and odor. The thin, flex design moves with you no matter what you are doing and they stay in place!! After running up and down stairs at the ball park, it was still where it was supposed to be.

I used to use regular panty liners for my LBL but they seemed to move or shift and just didn’t work very well. With Poise I am now confident, dry and happy and do not have to worry about embarrassing leaks.


Wanna try them for yourself?  Head over here to order your FREE sample  and even a coupon.

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Coppertone Clearly Sheer sunscreen is not for this family.

I recently was given the opportunity to try Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen products. I have purchased Coppertone products over the years and since it is such a trusted name, I figured these products would be just like all of their others. I could not have been more wrong. The first product I tried was the Clearly Sheer for Sunny Days with spf30. I liberally applied to my self and to my five-year old grandson 20 minutes before we went outside to play. We were outside less than an hour and I could already see that my little one was getting very red. It was not a particular hot day, about 74 degrees and partly sunny. I took him in the house only to find that he was a lot more than red, he was already starting to blister and when I was as red as a lobster myself. I immediately applied aloe to both of us but it was too late for him. With in a day he completely blister and peel. He cried that he hurt all day long and it was miserable for him.

Now this is a child that has never burned before while using other sunscreen products. He has naturally light olive skin and usually just tans. I felt so terrible because I could not do anything for him. We tried the aloe, sprays, creams etc and nothing helped.

A week later I decided to try the Clearly Sheer for beach and pool before I got into our pool. I was already wary because of how the other product lacked. I only stayed in the pool for about 40 minutes. Again I went into the house and low and behold I was all red again. Now I realize it is only spf30 but when a product states it is for water use up to 80 minutes, then I should not be burned after just half that time.

It does have a light, sheer feel to the lotion that quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves behind no oily residue. The scent is also light and nice but unfortunately the scent and feel does not over take the lack of skin protection.  In my opinion, try another brand.



#GotItFree  I received products for review for free as I am a member of BzzAgent. My opinions are my own and I only recommend products that I believe will benefit my readers.

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Tribes-A-Dozen Voila Hallah Bread Review

I love to cook and to bake and am constantly on the look out for a new product that not only allows me to give my family something healthy and delicious but also makes things easier for me in the kitchen. I was given the opportunity to try Tribes-A-Dozen Voila Hallah Bread and it gave me everything I was looking for. Now you may be asking just what is Hallah Bread. It is an all-natural, kosher, egg bread mix that was created to help those of us that want to spend time in the kitchen, just not all day. It has also been referred to as twisted or braided bread and even brioche. They are easy to follow mixes with kid-friendly instructions. The package comes with the mix and the yeast and you simply follow the easy directions on the box. I suggest getting everything you need together and set up first because it makes it so much easier.  You will need a stand mixer or a hand mixer with the hook attachment.

I come from a family of women who love to be in the kitchen and bring the finest foods possible to our families but let’s face it, with the pace of life today it is almost impossible to find the time to bake from scratch and there is nothing wrong with getting a little help. The Hallah (pronounced challah) bread has very simple ingredients and I think that’s what I loved so much about it.  Since I have baked bread many times before, the fact that you need to use yeast didn’t deter me at all. Don’t let it freak you out, the directions are easy to follow and you will be just fine 🙂 This is bread that will have a crust on the outside and have a soft middle and definitely tastes amazing with just some butter. Bread is my weakness and I could have finished the loaf myself. Oh and who can resist the smell of fresh-baked bread?

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Ingredients: Unbleached unenriched wheat flour, unbleached and enriched wheat flour (niacin, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid, malted barley flour), turbinado sugar, sea salt, and organic flavor


tribes-a-dozen green statement:

Our wholesome, all natural mixes are manufactured at a facility that is committed to sustainable production practices that include use of renewable wind and solar energy and a recycling process able to reduce, reuse, and recycle 90% of all production.


I received three mixes, the traditional, wholey wheat and simply spelt. Each one has its own amazing flavors and you are sure to find your own favorite but mine is the traditional. There are so many ways to use the bread as well and my hubby just suggested french toast and garlic bread. I love that they use organic ingredients as I am trying to feed my family healthier alternatives. I love a company that is dedicated to the environment as well. Tribes-A-Dozen also offers tips and recipes on their website that are easy to follow and extremely helpful.

Once you have fresh baked bread from Tribes-A-Dozen it will bring your family to the kitchen. The bread will disappear quickly, I promise.Make sure you head over and pick out one or two to try for your family.  You can also find them on Facebook , Twitter and linked in where you can follow them and keep up to date on all the new products and promotions. Remember Tribes-A-Dozen for your next housewarming gift!

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HomeRight Steam Machine Plus Review

Every once in a while a product comes along that totally transforms some part of your daily life. My new go to product is the HomeRight Steam Machine Plus! Not only do I love this product but you will see from the pictures I post that it is also my hubby’s favorite as well. Now usually when I do a review I start of with my experience with the product then tell all of the item specifics. This time I am going to change things up a bit because I am just so in awe of this product. I will give you the stats of the product then my own experience with the Steam Machine Plus so that I will have your full attention because you will want one of these too by the time I am finished touting its amazing qualities.

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Now this steam machine is not just for your floors, it can be used as a handheld tool as well. You can clean floors, your appliances, grout, windows, mirrors, steam clothing, your children’s toys and so much more. Steam cleaning is a safer and more economical way to clean than with harsh, expensive chemicals and with multiple steam settings, you can use as much or as little as you want. This machine heats up in just seconds and with a max temperature of 205 degrees, it kills 99.9% off germs in your home and that includes staph, ecoli and salmonella. It features a triangular head that makes it easier to fit into those tight corners and get every surface clean and disinfected without using harmful chemicals around your children and pets. You can use the Steam machine plus on all flooring surfaces from laminate to hard wood without any worries. It also has a carpet guard that allows you to steam your carpeted floors.  I am not a fan of carpet and want all of it gone from my home but knowing that I can steam clean it helps a lot.

When you purchase the Steam Machine Plus you also get:

  • Mope Head
  • carpet glider
  • 2 microfiber washable pads
  • squeegee/ fabric steamer
  • cotton bonnet for the squeegee
  • small and large nylon brushes
  • angled jet nozzle
  • grout brush
  • scraper
  • adapter
  • measuring cup

The machine is 1500 watts,120 volts,  heats up to 205 degrees, has a 20 minute run time and has a 16 foot cord. Now for my personal experience with the Steam Machine Plus.

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When I received the package, I don’t know who was more excited, me or my hubby as we both fought to open the box. We have been talking about getting a steam machine for a while because we have our 5-year-old grandson here everyday and do not like having the nasty cleaning chemicals around him. We had looked at several different brands but just didn’t like what we were seeing. The prices of most of them just did not match what the machine could do. Either it was really expensive and had several of the features we wanted or it was really cheap and had none of the features we wanted so we had yet to purchase one.  Now was our chance to see how well one worked that was moderately priced ( $124.99) and had all of the attachments we were looking for.

My hubby put it together in just minutes and we were ready to use it in no time. He filled up the 12 ounce water tank and waited the 30 seconds it took to completely heat up. You will know when it is ready because there is a red light that appears until it heats up then the light will turn blue. Once the light is blue, you are ready to go. The first thing my hubby cleaned was the bathroom floor. Now I am the only girl in a house full of boys and the bathroom is my kryptonite, I cannot stand to clean it, especially the toilet and floor area around it. I also have a ceramic tile floor in the bathroom that has hard to clean grout lines. My hubby, who I think was more excited than I was, was amazed how quickly the steam cleaned even the most dried on dirt, even in the grout. At first, probably because we didn’t read the directions the whole way through( hint hint hubby) we didn’t realize that the carpet guard was supposed to be off unless you are cleaning guess what? Carpet lol.  We also didn’t realize at first that you could control the amount of steam you wanted but we finally got that too. The area around my toilet has never been cleaner and I love the fact that it was being sanitized as well. The floor looked amazing.  Before the floor was even finished, my hubby was rattling off a list of other things we could clean.

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Now, in my house I have the world’s ugliest and tiniest kitchen and have plans to renovate but that won’t be for a while so my ugly floors have to stay for now. They are linoleum, old and ugly and no matter what I have done in the past, nothing has ever gotten off all of the old, stuck on grime, that is until now.  I had even gotten black spray paint on my floor that I have tried everything to get up, including hand scraping and nothing ever worked. Hallelujah!! The Steam Machine Plus got up the paint!!! My hubby was even shocked. We then took the machine down to a handheld and cleaned my kitchen windows. Now I cleaned these windows just a week ago so I was confident that we wouldn’t get much more dirt off of them but man was I wrong. I was actually appalled at the amount of dirt that the machine got off of my windows after I had thought I had cleaned them so well. In the pictures I show the rag I used to wipe them clean and am utterly embarrassed. Now normally I would not show such filth coming from my home but I want everyone to know just how well this machine works and your home is never as clean as you thought!

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We then moved onto the stove.  I had made meatloaf for dinner and I love to cook but I am an extremely messy cook!  The Steam Machine Plus made short work of the mess as you will also see in the pics. One of my burners even has a charred black mess on it that after a little work and patience, came clean. In less than 30 minutes, we had cleaned all of these things! Since it was getting late into the evening we reluctantly decided to stop but we kept brainstorming on what we would clean next.  This weekend is the shower grout, the barbecue and the carpet.

Now some of the grime on the floors took a little more time than others, just be patient. Slow down and let the steam do its work and you will be happy you did. I only have one problem with the entire system and that is the steam trigger. You have to constantly hold it down in order for it to work and after a few minutes it starts to tire your finger. I wish they had a trigger or button or something that allowed finger free but it’s a small thing and I love the machine so much it does not really matter.

If you are looking for a way to clean your home without introducing all of those harsh and nasty chemicals to your family and pets, then  HomeRight Steam Machine Plus is for you too.  I love that it’s lightweight and can be taken anywhere.  The price, the attachments and the cleaning power all equal an amazing cleaning experience. It is also great for the environment with the reusable cleaning pads and non chemical cleaning alternative. Since we are trying to live greener this is such a plus for us.  The Steam Machine Plus makes a great housewarming gift, bridal shower gift, dorm gift and more. Give one of these babies as a gift and you are loved forever!!  I also love the idea of having one of these machines if you have a home daycare where you can disinfect the toys with ease as well as the play area! Head over and shop around all of Homeright’s products while I think of more ways to use my Steam Machine Plus 🙂

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You can find HomeRight on Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , You Tube and on Instagram . Make sure you follow them to keep up to date on new products and promotions.

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