Sleeping Bear farms honey: better than any other

17 Sep

I was lucky enough a few months ago to be introduced to Sleeping Bear farms and their amazing honey products!  My family and I are huge ice tea drinkers and adding the lemon honey and the raspberry honey to our home-brewed teas has just brought it to a level that is truly amazing and  delish! I am truly in love with these products.

I have even used them to create glazes for desserts and even as ingredients in cakes, muffins and cookies. I even add the raspberry honey to a cheesecake dessert I make.  We even keep the honey sticks on hand for an easy treat on graham crackers, animal crackers, toast and bagels. On friday I will be placing yet another order of this precious honey as we are out and so sad!!  Honey may be great tasting in my recipes but I love it also for its health benefits,  Did you know that jars of honey were found in ancient tombs and scientists say they are still edible.  Amazing!

I love that they are based in my home state of Michigan and plan to make the trip someday to see them 🙂 I would love to make a weekend trip to see how it is all done 🙂


MY Fave!!!

my hubby’s fave

You can also get maple syrup, tupelo honey, raw honey, star thistle honey, honey combs, honey mustard and so much more.  Please trust me that I would not recommend this product if I did not use it myself and absolutely love it!!  I have my shopping cart already to go  and can;t wait til friday to order.  Sleeping Bear look out for my order lol, 🙂

you can also get gifts from the hive such as lotion bars, steamers herb packs and even candles. Choose insect repellents and lip balms too. make sure you head over to the sister company, Ambrose cellars for some amazing wine!  The holidays are coming quickly and you can score some unique gifts.


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