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20 Sep

When I decided to change careers at the age of 37, the decision was not an easy one. I was working for one of the big 3 auto companies and I hated it. Most of my life I had wanted to work in the medical field and the only way that was going to happen was to get myself back in school. I had already been out of school for twenty years so it was a daunting idea. I had to worry about student loans for tuition and books and supplies and I knew the cost would be great. Because my husband still worked for the auto industry, I did not qualify for financial aid so the burden was mine alone.

After deciding to make the change I looked into cost-effective solutions to keep the costs as low as possible. I went to the bookstore at the school, which has text-book rental options  but the price was still ridiculously high. For the 4 classes I was taking the rental cost added up to more than $250, can you imagine what the purchase cost would be? After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I was stunned to find out the purchase price was in excessive of $500. Now there may be people out there that cost is not a problem for, but not in this household. So I took to the internet to see what was out there. That’s when I came across CampusBookRentals.  Let me just explain what some of the perks of renting textbooks from CampusBookRentals over purchasing textbooks are:

  • 40% to 90% off campus book store prices.
  • free shipping both ways
  • you can highlight in the books
  • flexible renting periods
  • for every book rented a donation is made to Operation Smile
  • 21 day risk free returns
  • live customer support

And you would be renting from a company that Forbes called ” One of America’s Most promising companies “.

CampusBookRentals  has served students on over 5800 campuses and counting. With over a million satisfied customers, you can’t go wrong. I rented the books I needed and when the class was over I simply sent them back, shipping cost free, and voila! I was done.

If you are anything like me then you have unused textbooks lying around the house because the college bookstore either would not take them back for cash because they were outdated or they would only offer a few paltry dollars and it just wasn’t worth it. Well now you are in luck! CampusBookRentals  has a new program called RentBack! I wish I had this option years ago. RentBack  is a new option that allows you to rent out the textbooks you have at home to other students and you get 2x to 4x the amount of any buy back program and you can rent them over and over each semester. Buy taking advantage of this program it helps off set the costs for your textbooks. You also have the option to sell your books outright for a predetermined price. So there is no guessing and you will always know how much you are getting.

As I mentioned before, CampusBookRentals makes a donation to Operation Smile for every rented textbook. Operation Smile  is a charitable organization that provides free surgeries for children to repair cleft palates, cleft lips and other facial deformities all around the world. This is an amazing organization that gives children a better life. CampusBookRentals  has been a partner in hope for a long time and I love a company that gives to such a worthwhile charity. You can also make a donation to Operation Smile anytime you would like.

Operation Smile

Here is a video that shows just how renting textbooks works:
How does it work?:

With renting your textbooks being so easy, why would you ever buy another book at full price?  These days saving money is not only great for the wallet but it is a necessity. Most of us are watching our pennies and anytime we find a chance to save why wouldn’t we? After using this service myself, I am completely sure I will never buy another textbook again. I know I can find many other ways to put our hard-earned money to use. Can you?

Head over to CampusBookRentals and enter the IBN number, author or title, to see the availability of the book or books you need. You can see the flexible rental periods as well.  Browse through today and see just how much you can put back in your pocket! You can even get paid for referring friends. When they complete a rental transaction, you will get $5 for each referral in the form of a Tango card which can be redeemed for gift cards like Amazon, iTunes, Target and more. The friend you refer also gets a gift: 10% off their rental. It’s a win/win situation. Set up your free account and you can send out your unique referral link on facebook, twitter, email and more!  While you’re on the site checking out how much money you can save, check out the blog as well for some great and informative blog posts.  Check out CampusBookRentals on Facebook and Twitter .

After you check out the site, come back and leave a comment telling us what you think!!

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