Ragu: More than just a pasta sauce

09 Oct

With my kids being adults now it is getting harder and harder to bring us all together for dinner but one thing that I know will bring them running is when I make lasagna!  Getting them together for a Ragu pasta party was just what the mama ordered. We had a blast making my sauce from Ragu traditional and 4 cheese sauces. I add my own spices and cheeses to give it the flavor my family loves and I get to spend quality time with them all.

Ragu sauces are amazing by themselves but after I get done putting my touches on them, my family is happy which makes me happy. For our Ragu pasta party we had my homemade lasagna and some amazing bread! We got to sit and talk and laugh together like we have not gotten to do in a long time. With everyone’s busy schedules it has become a chore to try to schedule anything with the family and I hate that. Ragu has not only given us an amazing meal but has brought my family closer together at least for a couple of hours until everyone scurries off to their own homes and lives.

When our kids are little we just do not realize how fast that time will fly by and how much we will miss it and want it back. If what it takes is a family meal to bring us all together if just for a little while then I will cook and clean up happily!  The next time you are looking to bring your family together, add some Ragu and watch them come running!

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2 responses to “Ragu: More than just a pasta sauce

  1. Crowdtap

    October 10, 2014 at 8:32 am

    We’re so glad you had a great time with this sampling, Krista! 🙂 That lasagna looks delish!


    • couponfreestuff

      October 10, 2014 at 9:56 am

      Thanks so much! I had a blast as always!! The lasagna was gone before the night was over 🙂



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