#SkintimateHappyLegs Girl’s Night Party

14 Oct




Whenever I get the chance to get my girls together for a party, I take it!  Being a member of Crowdtap allows me to do that.  I was lucky enough to get chosen for the Skintimate Happy Legs party and we had a blast!  My party kit contained trial size cans of Skintimate Raspberry Rain shave gel, some Quattro for Women Sparkle razors, an exfoliating scrub, a lotion, pretty pink nail polish and these cute things that go between your toes while you polish but I can never remember the name of 🙂


I made us some goodies which included a sugar-free cake, A cherry, peach surprise!  We had some amazing flavors of iced tea to sip on while we got all soft and beautiful!  Since all of my guests were already fans of Skintimate, there was no trying to sell them on the product they were just ready to get to the good stuff.  We took turns shaving our Fall foliage and loved how soft our skin felt after! We exfoliated and lotioned until our skin was a glowing masterpiece!

Next came the polishing! We all had pretty pink toes to go along with the soft, smooth, hair-free legs and even though we were staying in for the night, everyone remarked how Club-ready we looked!

So here is the skinny on the products! The Skintimate, of course was a big hit!  The scent of the raspberry rain is delish and it feels amazing on your skin. It left everyone feeling smooth and fresh! Skintimate shave gel left behind so bumps or skin irritations even for my friends with problem skin. Smooth, beautiful skin was the theme for the night!

The Quattro Sparkle  razors were okay but I have definitely used better. I felt like I had to keep going over the same spot to get all of the hair away. Several of my guests felt the same way. In the end, we did end up with smooth skin so even though it took awhile with these razors, we still got there. Unfortunately my camera’s memory card malfunctioned and I lost all of the pictures on it, including my Girls night out party.( I have yet to tell my mom I also lost the pictures from her birthday party~YIKES) I am so bummed because we had some really good ones to show you and they are gone like pink Cadillacs. Since my pictures were lost, I will have to paint you some with words. My sister, Dawn and my niece, Paige looked hilarious with the foam thingies between their toes, painting them while making faces at each other. One would stick out a tongue and the other would cross their eyes. My niece is absolutely beautiful but when she makes funny faces, they just look hilarious, like her face is made of rubber or something.

My mother, Diane and her friend Pat were trying to paint their nails whiles balancing a plate of cake because neither one wanted to miss out on the sweet treats or the pretty pink polishing fun! Seeing my mom try to keep from planting her cake into my carpet while bending over to paint a toe made her look like a contortionist and had us laughing so hard, we had tears.

The scent of Raspberry Rain Skintimate and cherry-peach cake permeated the air and made stomachs growl while 2 of my friends, Carrie and Lisa were lotioning their newly smoothed legs and while they were bent over decided it was time to twerk.  I have never laughed so hard. I hate that these pictures are gone but I will always have the memory of it!

After a round of toe polishing and giggles, we ended the evening with my cake and everyone had a great time~  I can’t wait til the next girls night party! Thanks Crowdtap!


I was given product for free to host this amazing girls night party from Crowdtap. My opinions are 100% my own and I was not monetarily compensated for this post. I only recommend products that I have tried and think will benefit my readers.

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