Toe Juice Product Review

02 Nov

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from what my hubby lovingly calls reptile feet. My heels are so dry and hard that you would think I work outside, shoeless for months at a time, but I don’t. In the summertime as well as the winter they get so bad that they crack, bleed and burn. I also get extremely rough and dry skin between my toes that itches so bad sometimes that I scratch sores in them. On top of those problems I have my two large toenails that are prone to nail fungi from an injury years ago where I lost my nails. I have tried over the counter as well as prescription medications that never seem to help with the problems. I am completely embarrassed by my feet and cover them whenever I am in public. I usually keep them covered in nail polish.


I was recently introduced to Toe Juice. I know it sounds like a punch you would serve at a Halloween party, but I am here to tell you, it works! I started off using the Toe Juice on my nasty heels both morning and night. I was surprised to see that after just one application I already felt a difference in the hard callused skin.And after a week I saw a real improvement. I then added some to the area between my toes and again, I felt immediate relief. The Toe Juice has a very slight tingling sensation when used and I loved it because it let me know it was working. The scent when you smell it in the bottle is strong so do not breathe to deeply over the bottle or you will get a burning nose ūüôā ¬†Once on the skin the scent slowly dissipates and you are left with refreshed skin! ¬†I then decide to try it on my nail fungi and with a quick prayer, I hoped it would do the job. So tonight being the first time I am using it I have high hopes. After one week I see a small improvement but as bad as the infection is I know it will take much more time.


Toe Juice is made with Dermavine with Aloe and Vitamin E. ¬†Dermavine is a combination of plant-based extracts and was created by a high school chemistry teacher in 1970 ( the year I was born) because his baby was having skin problems. Toe Juice with Dermavine is safe for all ages from infants to the elderly and every skin type. ¬†If you are someone who has to wash their hands constantly like a healthcare worker, then they have a product for you too, Hogwash Hand Sanitizer. ¬†Made with the same ingredients it allows you to keep your hands clean with out drying them out so badly that they crack and bleed. I wish I had this product when I use to work in a hospital and had to wash my hands over 100 times a day. By the end of the day my hands hurt so bad I could’ve cried. And if you have experienced this, once your hands are in this condition and you try to use lotion, it causes excruciating pain! Hogwash is formulated to aid in the growth of new skin so it must have amazing healing powers.¬†

You can purchase all of Toe Juice’s product in several size bottles as well as family packs. ¬†You can get any of these products without stretching your budget and keep them on hand for whenever you may need them.¬†

With the holidays coming quickly, Joe Juice would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone in your life that needs relief from any number of ailments:

  • Dry, cracked skin
  • Dry heels
  • Athletes foot
  • rosacea
  • warts
  • fungus
  • exfoliant
  • increase blood flow
  • antimicrobial
  • ¬†antiviral

and so much more!


*Individual Results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

You can find Toe Juice on Facebook   Twitter  Pinterest  Google  and on You Tube where you can keep up to date on all of the latest products and promotions. Sign up for their newsletter for specials as well!  You can join their rewards program and when you get friends and family to try Toe Juice too, you get points for rewards! When you make your first purchase you will receive a care to share number where you can have anyone sign up. They get a 10% discount and you earn points! You can even browse the rewards catalog!



before using Toe Juice

before using Toe Juice


After 4 applications, small improvement

After 4 applications, small improvement

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