Dream Team Pets Review

09 Nov

I love my five-year old grandson, JT, and I love to give him everything that I can. Sometimes, even at his age, he does not sleep very well and awakes with bad dreams. We have tried everything that we can think of and my daughter even added a dream catcher to his room and noting has seemed to help.  Now that he is in kindergarten full-time, it is so important that his gets a good night’s rest to help him in school each day.

I was recently given the opportunity to try Dream Team Pets and decided I would give it a try. If it helps my boy then it’s worth it’s weight in gold! Dream pets I love the concept behind the Dream Team pets: Your child trains the pest of their choosing to watch over them as they sleep which helps them to feel safe and secure as they sleep. By feeling safe, your child sleeps more soundly and more restfully and will feel better each morning. By placing the responsibility in their hands you are also teaching them independence!

I chose the playful puppy for my grandson because he loves dogs and it is so cute! It comes with a certificate that you can fill out when your child feels that his pet has completed his training as well as gold stars you can add to reward your pet. It also comes with a book that helps “train” your pet to stand guard over their young owners and keep them safe throughout the night.

PicMonkey Collage

After a long summer of swimming and playing and late nights, it is difficult to get your child back into a school time routine and if your child is like mine and just starting school, it can be doubly hard to get a routine in place. In addition to your child enjoying a Dream Team pet to help them sleep there are also things you can do to help them along. Eliminate TV, computer and video games 30 minutes before bedtime as the over stimulation can be a detriment to their slumber. You can remind your kids an hour before bedtime that bedtime is coming so they can adjust. Minimize the morning rush and anxiety by getting as much ready the night before that you can. Let the kids help pick out their clothes and even make their lunches so they feel involved and responsible. The one thing I always practiced with my kids as well as now with my grandson is following the same routine every night! Kids learn and feel better when they have a routine.

For your child you can choose between the Playful Puppy, Magical cat or the Mighty Lion.  Each pet will make your child feel safe and secure as they sleep and they learn responsibility by training their pet. Help your child sleep well and awake rested and ready to face the day with Dream Team Pets. Follow them on Facebook  Twitter  and on Pinterest!

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