Cooking With Arla Dofino Cheese

17 Nov

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know I love to cook and am always looking for new ingredients to change up my recipes with. When it comes to cheeses I am very particular about which products I use. I recently got the chance to try Arla Dofino cheeses and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and flavor of these amazing cheeses.

In a past post I told you about how I used the Creamy Havarti in my family famous lasagna recipe. Now this is a huge deal for me because this recipe has remained untouched for more than twenty years. For me to step outside my comfort zone and use a new and untried cheese in my recipe is very unlike me but I am so glad I did.  The taste was amazing. The creamy havarti has a light, buttery flavor and melts so well that it blended completely with the other cheeses I use.

I next used the creamy havarti in my cheesy potato recipe. Now this is also a long-standing recipe in my kitchen arsenal and it is much requested at every party or pot luck that we attend as well as family dinners. I added it to the mix and placed it in a pan that was popped into the oven.  When it was done the cheese was bubbly and brown and melted perfectly. I worry whenever I use something new that the family won’t like it but my worry was for naught because, like usual, there were no leftovers and everyone raved about the flavor.10699738_10205346663176276_4765167535705223976_o

Now when I find a product that makes this much difference in my beloved recipes, I tend to stick with it!

Since trying these two recipes I have also purchased the havarti with jalapeno for my fiesta chicken bake recipe. Now I am not a fan of spicy cheeses but this one packed just a little punch of heat without overpowering my recipe. What I really love about these cheeses are that they contain very minimal ingredients and no chemicals and preservatives.  They are packed with protein and flavor!!


If you are looking for a cheese with amazing flavor and texture and at a great price, Arla Dofino will make a great addition to your kitchen and any recipe!     #GotItFree   #BzzAgents

Fiesta bake I threw together with stuff in my kitchen and its amazing. see recipe in the recipe tab on the main page of my blog.

Fiesta bake I threw together with stuff in my kitchen and its amazing. see recipe in the recipe tab on the main page of my blog.

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