Have you tried Scott Naturals Tube-Free Toilet Paper?

29 Nov

In the past I have often wondered what all of the hype was about with the Scott Naturals Tube- Free Toilet Paper. I mean really, how much different could this toilet paper be from all of the others? Well, now I can tell you there is a difference, a big difference! I recently was lucky enough to be chosen to try Scott Tube Free as a member of CrowdTap. From the moment I took the package out of the box, I could already see the difference. Without the tube, the roll was bigger and guess what that means? More TP for the money!

I really did not think there would be that much of a difference but once I put the Scott roll next to a competitor brand with the tube, the difference was very clear, there is a lot more paper on the Scott roll! More paper means more value and no tube means less waste in the landfills.

I get to save money, buy a quality product and do my part for the environment!! A win all the way around!  The Scott toilet paper is incredibly soft and I love the ridged texture that ensures a clean trip to the bathroom every time. It is extremely absorbent so I know that we can use less paper with the same or better results than other products!  Check out my pictures and see for yourself!

Head over to the website and take the pledge to go tube free and get a valuable coupon!!

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