Haywire Games are fun for the whole family

10 Dec

Around our house we love to do family game nights and are always in search of new games to add to our collection of fun. Since we have such varied age ranges, we like to find games that can include everyone and sometimes that’s hard to do. The games that are age appropriate for the little ones can sometimes be no fun for the older ones in our little group or the games for the older family members are way to hard for the little ones to do so it creates quite an issue.

Recently I was introduced to Haywire Games through , which is a site that can find you and your family amazing and fun things to do in your area!  Haywire games offers a wide variety of games to choose from and are sure to suit everyone in your household.

I received the games Bodydoodles and Dicecapades.  Bodydoodles is a game that is fun for the whole family. It states ages 8 and up but our 6-year-old had no problem playing it. Here’s how it works:  You take a doodle card then choose a body card. You then pick the player that you want to “ink”.  Once the doodle tattoo is drawn, the other players race to figure out what it is. The markers are completely washable and leave no traces on the skin once washed off with soap and water. They do not stain clothing either.  It is hilarious to see what tattoo creations players come  up with and then to see everyone trying to guess what has been drawn. We had a blast!

Dicecapades is a game of variations. It comes with lots of dice and three categories of cards. You could be arm wrestling for points or answering trivia questions or any number of physical challenges. This one states ages 12 and up but yet again , my 6-year-old played easily. You are encouraged to tailor the rules to how ever you want to play which is a huge plus with littler children that are playing.

Haywire games has many more family fun games to choose from and I am sure you will find a few that your family will love. These games make great Christmas gifts, birthdays or just to make family game night much more fun!

Make sure to join the email list to get all of the exciting news on new games and promotions. You can also check out the closest retailers to you. Find Haywire on Facebook and Twitter.

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