HP EcoFFICIENT Printer Paper Review

16 Jan

Being a Coupon Diva isn’t easy. There is scouring the paper and internet for coupons and deals, printing out those coupons, cutting and filing them and so much more. It really is tiring but in this world it is a necessity so I do what I have to do. Even the paper and ink becomes expensive if you don’t get sales and deals. Luckily I found Shoplet where I can find amazing deals on everything I need to be an industrious and frugal coupon shopper. I was recently given the opportunity to try HP EcoFFICIENT Printer Paper and I have to say I did not realize there was really any difference in paper but there definitely is. This printer paper is 20% lighter than standard printer paper which was evident when I took it out of the box that barely weighed anything. I thought there may have been a mistake because no box could be this light that was carrying a ream of copy paper but as I opened it I was amazed that yes indeed, it contained the paper.

Usually when I buy copy paper at a box store it is heavy and bulky to lug around and ends up making my arms tired and sore but that will never happen with the HP EcoFFICIENT paper. It is suitable for printing everything and anything you need to print including coupons, documents or even crafting needs. This paper is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council which assures that the forest that are used to make these papers are managed responsibly. Now I am definitely not as green as I should be but I love that they are acting responsibly with our resources.

This paper has a brightness score of 92 and Whiteness score of 155 and with the lighter, thinner paper you can load up to 125 more sheets in your printer tray which saves on reloading.  It states that it is for use with printers designed for lightweight use but I have a HP Deskjet 1000 and it works amazingly well in it. With the lighter weight paper it also takes up less storage and file room allowing for easier access. Another plus with this lighter paper is that it also saves on postage and let’s face it, with the price of postage these days this is a major plus.



With Shoplet you can get this paper in a carton for just $39.99 with free 2 day shipping. The carton includes 8 packs of 625 sheets each for a total of 5000 sheets of amazing copy paper.

Shoplet is the place to go for all of your office supply needs. I have found that their prices beat just about any others I have found. They have a huge variety of products to choose from. I love their prices on Ink Cartridges as well as they can get so expensive and I know I use a lot of ink printing my coupons.   Whether you need supplies for your home office or for your job, you can find everything you need on Shoplet.  You can also follow Shoplet on Pinterest , Facebook , Twitter and on Instagram  where you can keep up to date on their products and promotions. Remember Shoplet also has a price match guarantee that will give you 110% back if you find a lower price online. And make sure you sign up for emails to be the first to know about specials!

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