Weight Watcher’s Super Bowl House Party

02 Feb

I am a member of Crowdtap and was chosen to host a Weight Watcher’s Super Bowl party and I am so glad I was chosen. We had an amazing time! I received a box full of goodies:

  • Grid Iron table-cloth
  • football cups, plates napkins and a party tray
  • Weight Watchers healthy choices recipe book
  • a table top football game
  • foam fingers, Mardi gras style necklaces and hats


We shared this party with friends and family and we had a blast! The kids enjoyed wearing the hats and necklaces and the foam finger were lifted in the air all night long, They even used them to put their hands over their hearts during the National Anthem. We made some amazing healthy choice recipes that everyone loved and raved about. Just because it’s Super Bowl doesn’t mean we have to overeat or gorge ourselves on greasy food. I chose baked wings, low-calorie macaroni salad, white bean chicken chili, low cal dips and even  sugar-free apple bars and the food was absolutely devoured!


We got to watch an exciting game and spend time with the people we love! Most of us were rooting for the Seahawks with just two exceptions that were Patriot fans but we still love them. Even though our team lost and we had to hear the constant I told you so’s from the 2 New England supporters among us it was still perfect.  We had amazing foods that were Weight Watcher’s approved, great company and a fun game! What more can you ask for?

Thank you Crowdtap and Weight Watchers for not only the amazing opportunity to have this party and share it with my friends but making us realize that unhealthy is not the only choice for a good time!

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