Duck Brand GeckoTech Reusable Hooks and Packaging Tape Review

03 Feb

It seems in my home that trying to organize all of our stuff is a never-ending chore. We always seem to just have too much , everywhere! I like to keep my home neat and tidy but that isn’t always an  easy thing to do with four people and a six-year-old grandson that is over just about every day! I love to re-purpose things and create my own storage ideas but that isn’t always possible for everything so then I need a little help!

Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks are a great alternative to placing nail holes all over my walls. You simply wash the area you want to place the hook and then let it sit about an hour and voila, a great hook to hang clothing, towels, bags and so much more. This version holds up to 3 pounds and stays put! I love that I can simply remove it and use it over and over in any place I choose. It is made from revolutionary microsuction synthetic rubber technology  in a clear color that blends into the surface. My favorite part is no assembly required! You take it out of the package and place on the wall or whatever surface you choose. No hammer and nails, no mess! I placed this one on the side of my stove and use it for a place to hang my dish towel. It stays put and is in handy reach whenever I need it.


Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks also come in a version that holds up to 5 pounds! I love this one on the back of my bathroom door and it holds my soft, fleece robe easily! I can get out of the shower and it is hanging right there! I wondered if it being in the bathroom with all of the steam and heat would cause it to not stick well but it has no effect on it at all. It has been hanging in the bathroom now for well over a week and through about 15 showers and it’s hanging tough! With the higher weight capacity this one is great for a child’s room to hold those back packs out-of-the-way, clothing, dress up clothes and so much more!


I have been thinking about how I am going to organize my closets and I think these hooks are perfect for the job.  I am a handbag fanatic and I hate just shoving them in a closet or stuffed into a box. With these hooks I can line the walls of my closet and hang my bags for easy access and to keep them looking new! I can use them to hang my scarfs, my hubbies ball caps and belts and I could even tie my shoe laces together and hang them inside my closet instead of trying to reach them under my bed. I can see my hubby using these hooks in the garage to hold his tools as well.

Since we are thinking of redoing our kitchen by ourselves to save some money I can see many uses for these hooks there too! I am a Pinterest junkie and after seeing ideas there that I can use the hooks for, I am ready to go. I want to hang a few of these inside a cabinet door to hang my measuring cups and spoons so they are easily accessible and out-of-the-way. I can use them by the back door to hang keys and even my collection of aprons. The possibilities are endless! At just $4.50 each I can get organized on my budget! Once you are done using the hooks or want to move them elsewhere, they come off clean and leave no residue behind! That’s a huge plus for me!


I also like to sell things on Ebay and it can get a bit expensive and time-consuming packaging up the boxes to send out. I have bought so many brands of tape that either don’t stick or gets lost in the dispenser and you spend 30 minutes trying to find where the end of the tape is. My new favorite packaging tape is the Duck Brand Packaging Tape with Dispenser !  It not only holds perfectly on any package, the dispenser keeps it from tangling and no lost ends of the tape roll!! I also found that I don’t have to use as much of this tape as I have had to with other tapes. It holds great even on large packages. Using less means I get to keep more of my money! I used this tape to seal up some boxes that were going to be stored in the basement and after seeing how well it seals, I am not worried about anything getting in those boxes now! The biggest plus with this product for me is that it’s almost completely silent. I hate the sound that packaging tapes makes and swear it is on the same decibel scale as a jet engine and with the Duck Brand Tape, you don’t hear any of the crackling, tearing, nails on a chalkboard sound. You could use this tape next to your sleeping newborn and they wouldn’t bat an eye! Not that I recommend ever trying to disturb a sleeping child, I’m just saying you could! 🙂


All of these products can be found at amazing prices on Shoplet where you can find anything you need for your home or business office! From copy paper and ink to storage solutions, they have it all and their prices won’t break your budget!  Make sure you head over and browse their large selection of products and I promise you will find what you need and maybe a few things you didn’t even know you needed! You can also find Shoplet on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and You Tube . Make sure to follow them and be one of the first to know about special promotions and new products! If you want to get your office or home organized this year, let Shoplet help you do it!!


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